Check this out – “A Tech’s First Impression of Windows 7 RC”

TechPaul at “Tech-for Everyone” is doing the legwork for us with the Windows 7 RC (release candidate).  I encourage you to visit his site Tech-for Everyone [ click here ] to learn more about the Windows 7 (Release Candidate) and his review of about what he experienced during the install process of the release candidate.

The term release candidate (RC) refers to a version with potential to be a final product.  [ Source: Wikipedia ]

Since day one, I have been trying to gear my blog toward the everyday computer user in an attempt to gain their attention, to remove the fear of PC’s, to educate in a manner that is understandable, and to increase their interest.  I am finding out that the general population is not aware of Windows 7. This past week I randomly polled (talked to) 20 people who own computers who were not techs or geeks; and my findings were that of those 20 people, only one person knew that Microsoft was working on the another version of Windows.  Folks, there is Microsoft Windows XP (released 2001), Microsoft Windows Vista (released 2006), and Microsoft Windows 7 (release expected in the latter part of 2009).

Windows 7

If you desire to learn more about Windows 7 I encourage you to follow the development at the official Microsoft Windows 7 web site [ click here ] AND at tech blogs such as Tech-for Everyone [ click here ].


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3 thoughts on “Check this out – “A Tech’s First Impression of Windows 7 RC”

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  1. Thanks, Rick. Your readers are always welcome CLICK NOW at my humble tech tips & tricks CLICK NOW site.

    I intend for CLICK NOW this to be the first part of a series of CLICK NOW articles exploring what’s new and neato in the CLICK NOW new Microsoft offering.


    (Sorry. My Internet Monetizer Advisor CLICK NOW says I have to “get more eyeballs” before I will be made an overnight CLICK NOW millionaire.)



  2. TechPaul,

    Hmmm… (LOL) Maybe, I have too many “click nows”… TechPaul, great article over there at “Tech-for Everyone”… “click now”…

    Thanks for everything!



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