A FREE “Must Have” App for your Blackberry

UPDATE (8/30/2009): The author of  the BBFileScout file manager software, for the Blackberry, has changed the name to just “FileScout”.  The content and information in this article remain the same.

I hope you had the opportunity to read my article “How to use a Blackberry Smartphone with a cheap “Pay As You Go” mobile phone plan…” The point of the article was to demonstrate that there are workarounds to owning a Blackberry Smartphone (to make it useful), without subscribing to a costly data plan. Recently I discovered another FREE (donationware) workaround; or I should say addition, that makes the Blackberry all that more powerful.  Since my acquisition of the Blackberry Curve 8320 I found that the Blackberry lacked a decent file system browser. The “geek in me” wanted more than just the basic file explorer that is buried under the “Media” selection of the Blackberry OS. I wanted a file system browser that was comparable to what I experience on my PC.

After getting my bearings on how and where to look for free Blackberry software resources, and how to install those resources that were of interest, I came across the excellent file system browser called “BBFileScout” .


BBFileScout is FREE (donationware) and will work on all Blackberrys’ with OS 4.3 and higher. According to the BBFileScout web site, it has successfully been tested on Blackberry models 8110, 8310, 8330, 8700, 8800, 8820, 8830, 9000, 9500 & 9530. I can attest that it also will work on the 8320.

BBFileScout is more than just a basic file system browser, it is a file manager with the ability to recognize file types and associate them with the default applications, just like on your PC. For example, If I browse to a jpeg (picture) file and open it, the picture will open with the default viewer; or if I browse to a PDF file, it will open with the default PDF viewer, etc… This option alone sold me on the app; BUT, this was only the beginning.  BBFile Scout opened up a whole new world on my Blackberry and gave me that true feeling of having a PC in my pocket.

Here are the “Core Features”, as reflected on the web site:

  • BBFileScout allows you to browse the file system of your BB (including hidden files)
  • Create directories, copy, move, rename or delete files
  • Zipping files or complete directory structures
  • Extracting Zip archives (incl. structures)
  • Furthermore BBFileScout supports copying and deleting of complete directory structures
  • You can open all (by your Blackberry® supported) media files
  • Register additional file types with other (3’rd party) applications (like pdf’s)
  • BBFileScout allows you to open files (like ini, xml, etc.) as plain text, so you are able to edit, mark, copy & paste text fragments of these files that normally can’t be opened with your Blackberry®. This can become very valuable when you receive eMail attachments that are not native supported by your Blackberry®
  • With BBFileScout you can delete pre installed wallpapers, videos and ringtones in order to free memory on your device*** – but please note, that once they are deleted the only way to get them back is to hard reset your device!
  • Display Thumbnails for supported image files (if enabled in the options)
  • Search for files and directories on your Blackberry® Device
  • Send any file as eMail attachment to your BB contacts
  • Send any file via Bluetooth to another Device that support OBEX
  • Easy & smart creation of Playlists (across multiple folders)
  • Define a favorite directory list (as shortcuts)

You can install BBFileScout “over the air” to your Blackberry® device or can install it via the RIM DesktopManager


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2 thoughts on “A FREE “Must Have” App for your Blackberry

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  1. Are you still using that gizmo/doodad? I was half expecting it to be forgotten once the novelty wore off…

    Maybe it’s true what they say about “smart” phones…


    1. TechPaul,

      I am still tweaking the Blackberry… Pretty much have it to the point that I want it. I like the idea of the phone/pda mix. Sort of brings it all together.

      Thanks for commenting…



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