Will Windows 7 be in your Christmas stocking?

According to the “WinInsider” clip below, Windows 7 will be shipped in time for the holiday sales season.  What does this really mean?  It could ship tomorrow and still be in time for the holiday sales season.  Irregardless, as a geekster, I am glad to see the hype about this new operating system.

Tip: For the sake of my friends, family and anyone else who really does not care about any of this, please learn this…  Windows 7 is the next operating system following Vista.  If you are thinking about purchasing a new PC now, you may want to hold out until Windows 7 hits the pavement and is officially released.

1clipsm Microsoft: Windows 7 in Time for the Holidays
[ source: WinInsider ]

It’s official — Microsoft will ship Windows 7 in time for the holiday sales season.


That was the main announcement made by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) officials at the opening keynote of the company’s main developer event — TechEd 2009 in Los Angeles.

“We’re doing so well with the RC [“Release Candidate”] that we’ve started logo testing,” Bill Veghte, senior vice president of Windows, told attendees at the conference. Microsoft began public testing of the RC, which is the final testing phase for Windows 7, last week.   [ READ MORE ]


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13 thoughts on “Will Windows 7 be in your Christmas stocking?

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  1. I think buying new Windows release before SP1 pack for it is out is dangerous and masochistic.

    What the hell holiday season has to do with OS? Buy when it’s no longer full of holes and has enough hardware drivers to work. 🙂


  2. Rarst,

    Holiday Season Releases is all about the money and the attention… It is all about what is popular at the time and Holiday seasons is when people are the most vulnerable… Most people do not understand service packs, drivers, etc…

    In regards to this Windows release, I really do think Microsoft is working to get this right. I have been seeing nothing but positives on this operating system.

    Thanks for commenting…



  3. @Rick

    For me Win7 is spherical horse in vacuum at moment. Positive hype that Microsoft had carefully built up is hardly factor or argument to what final release would become.

    Yeah, I know that users don’t care but if we don’t get some sense in them – who will? 🙂


  4. Rarst,

    This is one of the reasons I do my blog is to “get some sense in them” and not for personal gain (other than what I learn from others). I really do not think we’ll truly “get some sense in them” because their priorities are not our priorities… Most users do not want to understand the underpinnings of PCs and software like you or I do… It is what we do or have been gifted with; and hope we can share what we know, and all of this will only get better.


  5. i recently loaded 7 on my new build. to say i love it is an understatement. so far, i have had zero driver problems. considering most of my hardware is a couple of years old (my printer is nearly 6 years old).

    never thought i’d say this but bye bye XP!


  6. I am planning to wait on the purchase of my next machine until they start coming loaded w/Win 7. (whether that happens to be around Christmas time… or the minute they hit the shelves.)


  7. paul: i have convinced myself i jumped from xp to win7 having completely skipped vista. you must never mention this again. 🙂


  8. So I’ve installed Win7 RC on my desktop at home, and I’ve gotta say, I love it. There have been a few minor quirks (honestly, not the OS’s fault, since I was trying to copy Linux files, written by Linux to an NTFS drive… kind of a weird scenerio), but all-in-all it’s been a very positive experience.

    TechPaul, I’m afraid I’ve got to disagree with you on your analogy. Windows 7 is built on Vista’s core technologies, but it’s a different operating system. It’s more fair to say that Win7 is to Vista what Win98 was to Win95. No one would argue that 98 was just a service pack to 95, just as 7 isn’t just a service pack to Vista.

    I never used Vista in its early days, so I have no Vista horror stories. Windows 7 has been solid from the moment I installed it. I’m planning on really running it through its paces in the coming days and weeks, but I have put a pretty good load on it (copying files, surfing the web, and downloading and installing software simultaneously) with very little trouble.



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