jv16 PowerTools Utility Suite Goes FREEWARE with PowerTools Lite

In the late 90’s I can remember using a freeware program called “RegCleaner”. It was an easy to use utility that I used to manually dump registry entries left behind by software installs, etc… AND to automatically clean the Windows registry. RegCleaner eventually evolved into a powerful suite of utilities called jv16 PowerTools (by Macecraft) and subsequently went commerical. RegCleaner is no longer distributed, due to incompatibilities with the processing speeds of today’s computers. When RegCleaner went commercial with the development of jv16 PowerTools it lost a large following of people.

Today I discovered that the Macecraft, the makers of jv16 PowerTools, has released a freeware “lite” version of their professional grade jv16 PowerTools utility package, called PowerTools Lite. From my testing, it appears that the “lite” package contains only the registry and PC cleaner components from the commercial version.

Given, I was a past dedicated user of RegCleaner, I installed PowerTools Lite. In summary, this utility is a 2-click process of scanning for and cleaning your PC  of unnecessary temp files, registry data, MRU and history data from all major applications.  It also prompts you to make a backup of any changes that the program makes.


If you are looking for a registry cleaner, you may want to give this one try, based on its’ past following of being a good app.  As always, anytime you mess with the registry you are messing with the heart of the operating system; always make sure you have a way back (as in a backup).


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6 thoughts on “jv16 PowerTools Utility Suite Goes FREEWARE with PowerTools Lite

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  1. Doesn’t seem to be portable which is deal-breaker for me.

    I think it is serisouly unlikely any app can beat CCleaner off the throne – offer more features and it will be more bulky, offer same features and there is no reason to change.


  2. Rarst,

    Couldn’t agree with you more… As I was researching, drafting and testing for this article I was thinking CCLeaner and Glary Utilities. In all honesty, MaceCraft is going to have to do better on this one…

    During the registry scan it did find (or claimed it did) numerous registry errors… How do I know it did what it suppose to? Well, I don’t…

    Thanks for your input on this one!


    1. Sanix,

      I have added Technize.com to my blogroll (aka: Launch Pad). When you visit the blog you will see the Launch Pad on the right side. The sites that are of a larger font size are sites that I have active link exchanges with. I just visited Technize.com… Excellent work! I do not know how I missed your site. I have a collection of over 140 tech sites on the Launch Pad and more are coming in the near future. Thank you for visiting and sharing your expertise.



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