Protecting your PC from a Botnet

Did you know that your PC can secretly become part of a “criminal network”, called a “Botnet”?

Malicious software, dumped onto your PC without your knowledge (called Bots), secretly takes control of your computer and empowers your computer to participate in liaison with other Bots across the internet (and around the world). When multitudes of computers become part of a Botnet the instructions they send and receive work automatically and autonomously (without external control). Botnets are responsible for the distribution and relay of spam; AND, can attack web servers, infect more computers, and perform other illicit activities (such as the distribution of malware that can propagate from one computer to another).

According to TrendMicro, a recognized leader in web security, experts believe that millions of computers have already joined Botnets without the knowledge of their owners. By using remotely-controlled computers, the criminals in charge of the Botnets try to remain anonymous and elude authorities seeking to prosecute them.

During my research of Botnets, I wandered across a security application at TrendMicro, called RUBotted, that monitors your computer for suspicious behavior associated with Bots.


RUBotted installs an icon in your system tray that will monitor for and alert you of potential Bot activity. If a Bot infects your computer, the RUBotted system tray icon changes to alert you.


When a potential infection occurs, RUBotted will immediatley prompt you to scan and clean your computer, using the existing security software on your PC or you can optionally use TrendMicro’s online scanner “HouseCall” to perform a scan from the internet.


RUBotted is currently in Beta testing and is solely engineered to monitor and detect; not repair. It is engineered to work as a supplement to your existing security software. According to TrendMicro, RUBotted can protect computers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows Vista. A working internet connection is required for RUBotted to function properly. If you are interested in trying RUBotted, you can download [ HERE ] .


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4 thoughts on “Protecting your PC from a Botnet

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  1. Thanks for this review I will definitely add it to my blogroll. I didn’t know that Trendmicro was that effective and strong to root out botnets, I thought it was only for viruses.

    I just realised that your blog of choke-full of anti-virus info.

    Cheers 🙂


    1. Sun Yi,

      Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at the blog. I will do the same with yours.

      Yes, TrendMicro is currently Beta testing this app. Looks promising; however, has been in beta for awhile…



  2. Hello Rick,

    I’ve been using this for some time and although effective, it does find FP’s. What I suggest to users is that they open RUBotted and delete the Log, clear their cache of Temp Files, close the interface and open it again from the System Tray, less FP’s and less need to perform a system scan with AV and antimalware.

    Have a great week,
    Free PC Security


    1. Colin,

      Thank you for these tip… During my testing of RUBotted I experienced exactly what you are stating (False Positives). I thank you for pointing out to my readers that RUBotted is effective protection; however, there could be “false positives” and the workaround to this is to “delete the log, clear the cache of temp files, close RUBotted and open it again from the System Tray”…

      Keep up the great work at Free PC Security



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