Video Tutorial Website Listing at TTC Shelbyville

All bloggers have their sites they visit on a daily basis and one of mine is the TTC Shelbyville – Technical Blog.  TTC Shelbyville is the Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville…  Their technical blog is used as a method of communications with their students.

TTC Shelbyville

The Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville offers a wide variety of programs to meet your needs. With a professional staff and professional curriculum these programs offer you the best opportunity to learn skills used in the workplace today.

As a self-taught, retired Information Technology Specialist, I was quite flattered to learn that the “What’s On My PC…” blog was on their blogroll.  This really made my day to see that a tech school was reading my material and that they had partnered with my blog.

Today, during a visit to their blog, I noticed that the blogmaster had compiled a very nice listing of “Video Tutorial Websites”.  I’m telling you folks, if there is something good out there, a blogger will find it.  I encourage you to visit the TTC Shelbyville – Technical Blog to see what they are up to and to check out the video tutorials.


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