Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#12)

Geek Squeaks'

Geek Squeaks are articles, from the past week, that I have found especially enticing and interesting from the bloggers that are on the “What’s On My PC…” blogroll. I think you will find that the subject matter and content is on a level comparable to commercial publications. Furthermore, I encourage you to bookmark each of these sites to learn more about information technology.

Top 10 Free Tools to Boost Your PC – Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts

Find High Res Icons with Icon Finder – Teck-Line

Video Tutorial — How To Dual Boot Win7 – Tech-for Everyone

All In One Video Software – The Only Software You Need For Your Videos –

Paragon Total Defrag 2009 Special Edition – Free – TTC Shelbyville

Google Tools and Your Blog / Website – Tux in the Midwest

New Gmail Feature: Google Translate Integration – AllThatsNew

How to Remove System Alert by Fast Antivirus 2009 –

Overheating Prompts Acer Desktop Recall – AskBillFirst

Free SUPERAntiSpyware Pro Giveaway – Evilfantasy’s Blog

Guidelines For Solving PC Application Errors – Free PC Security

Opera Mini Speed Demo On Touch Pro With Windows Mobile 6.5 – Is You GEEKed Up

Windows Memory Diagnostic – Great Free Software Utilities

Turn Your Spare Thumb Drives Into Feature-Packed Giveaway Drives – Lifehacker

Chrome comes with better performance after 300 bugs fix – Piyadas World

Backstreet Browser – Plato on-line

Fixing Windows XP shutdown problems –

Make sure you pick a reputable security product – Spyware Biz

Trouble uninstalling AntiVirus – Sugarloaf Tech

Be sure to visit the “Launch Pad” at the sidebar of the blog. The “Launch Pad” is your launching point to over 150 top quality tech blogs and sites.


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