Web Browsers run faster in Windows 7(?)

Have any of the readers of this blog experienced this sort of revelation with Windows 7 RC? Please feel free to comment below.

Chrome, Firefox, IE8 accelerate 12% or more in Windows 7 over Vista

By Scott M. Fulton, III | Published May 28, 2009, 3:59 PM

If you’ve been testing the final Windows 7 Release Candidate on your own physical platforms, and you wonder what’s giving you that feeling that it’s just a bit peppier, a tad zippier, it’s not an illusion. Betanews tests all this week, concluding today, comparing all the major stable release and development Windows-based Web browsers, running on exactly the same physical computer with fresh Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7 RC partitions, confirmed what our eyes and gut feelings were telling us: On average, most browsers ran 11.9% faster in Windows 7 than on the same machine running Vista SP2, with most speed gains falling right around that mark..

[ Source: Winsider.com ]



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4 thoughts on “Web Browsers run faster in Windows 7(?)

Add yours

  1. Yes, things do run ‘snappier’ on Win 7, but to me it is more of a “like they should work” feeling than a “whoa! my ‘puter is feeling supercharged today!” feeling.

    The most noticeable (in my experience on the beta, RC, and RC x64) gains are during boot up and shut down, with some modest improvements in gaming playability/”speed”.

    I understand why people are getting enthused, though. Ther is much to like in Win7.


  2. a big YES! although i don’t think it is a fair comparison coming from a pentium 4/xp/500mb ram to core-i7/win7/6gb ram!!!

    firefox took about 30 seconds to load on my old system and about 7 seconds on my new system.


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