Playing Solitaire in the Clouds…

As long as there has been Microsoft Windows, there has been the card game Solitaire. I always heard that Microsoft provided the game of Solitaire (aka: Klondike) with the operating system, not only a means to provide entertainment, but also as a means to teach people how to use the mouse.

If you are Solitaire gamer, then you will be interested in the Cloud based version of Solitaire called “World of Solitaire”. World of Solitaire is a 100% JavaScript Based application that you play in your internet web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc…). As a matter of fact, there are over 40 different versions of solitaire that is available in World of Solitaire; and, if you register, your statistics are saved online.

World of Solitaire

World of Solitaire started out as an experiment by author Robert Schultz and has grown into over 350,000 players per month. I have found World of Solitaire to be at the same level or better than any of the Solitaire game software that you would install on your PC. Again, World of Solitaire is played in your web browser and requires no installation. Just visit World of Solitaire [ HERE ] to select and start your game. As a tip, after arriving at the World of Solitaire site and starting your game, hit “F11” on your keyboard to toggle to full screen mode. You can turn full screen “off”, by hitting “F11” again.

If you find yourself becoming addicted to the World of Solitaire, I encourage you to also visit Robert Schultz’s – Blog about “World of Solitaire” to keep abreast of any updates.


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3 thoughts on “Playing Solitaire in the Clouds…

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  1. Hello

    I’m glad you enjoy the site and I hope others do too.

    You mention that the game is ‘100% Java’ but actually it’s ‘100% JavaScript’. Even though they both begin with ‘Java’ they are very different technologies (JavaScript works on all browsers out of the box, Java requires you to install plugins).


    1. Robert,

      First, Thank you for providing us all with World of Solitaire… Second, Thanks for commenting and visiting the blog.

      You are absolutely right (and you should know) re: Java vs. JavaScript… Typo on my part and has been corrected. As a result of the typo you just educated me and the other readers about the differences between the two.

      Keep up the great work!



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