Utility Launcher – A convenient launcher for your clean-up and maintenance programs…

Utility Launcher is a small program that is used to make your computer maintenance routines a more streamlined process. This is one of those little apps that I have featured on here before [ click here ] and fell in love with.  Following my first write-up of Utility Launcher, the author contacted me and was leaning toward not developing the app any further; HOWEVER, I was very glad to see some new recent enhancements to Utility Launcher (e.g. Version 2.0 has a much improved List Building/Handling capability as compared to the previous version).

Many people have installed on there PC’s various types of security software, defrag utilities, disk maintenance utilities, etc.; HOWEVER, the problem is that these program still require periodic intervention on your part to help keep your PC in tip top shape. Let’s face it, most people do not take the time to keep their PC’s in shape.

Utility Launcher is one of those “diamonds in the rough” that makes your maintenance routines a much more enjoyable and organized (step-by-step) process. The most technical part is initially setting up the application to create the list of your maintenance and security software; HOWEVER, following that setup process, it is well worth it.  To the author (JFB) , keep this app going! – [ GET IT HERE ]


Publisher’s Description (and Instruction)

Utility Launcher is a convenient launcher for clean-up and maintenance programs. You can place up to 20 utilities under a single (1) desktop icon, so they can be accessed and run quickly. This is the utility program that I use regularly to run my arsenal of third-party clean-up and maintenance programs. Version 2.0 has a much improved List Building/Handling capability as compared to the previous version. [download: 1.2 MB]

Once un-zipped, place the program folder “Utility Launcher 2.0” (which contains the Application and RunTime files) anywhere you like.  Open the folder and make a shortcut to the “Utility Launcher 2.0.exe” application. Place the shortcut on the desktop.  You should then be ready to go.

The use of UL is fairly obvious. Click around a bit to see how things work. The only “technical” thing that you will need to know how to do is “navigate” to the program(s) that you wish to add to UL. Also, (this is a less tecnical point)  when you are using the “Utility List Handler” (Menu > Utility List Handler) to build and/or modify a Utility List, you will need to click-on/highlight an item before you can manipulate (add, remove, move, etc.) it.  That’s about it…

This software is Homemade Freeware.  It comes with no guarantees of any kind.  I use it everyday; it should work fine…


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