Tech-for Everyone, and I mean Everyone

One of my favorite blogging past times is writing about authors and creators of other blogs. I have been at this almost a year and have established some great connections with other people who maintain blogs and who take what they write about seriously. One of those blogs where the “connectivity” between their blog and mine just sort of happened, or was fate, has been “Tech-for Everyone” .

Tech-for Everyone

TechPaul, the author of “Tech-for Everyone” is a Computer Tech, by profession [ CLICK HERE ] , that has the uncanny ability to reach plain folks like us when it comes to computers, software, technology, etc…  To me this is a real attribute to becoming great computer tech.

If you have a real interest in computers and information technology; AND, you do not have “Tech-for Everyone” bookmarked in your browser, then you are missing out on a real gem.  There is something there for “Everyone” that can be understood by “Anyone”…

I do not know how many articles TechPaul has rolled out, but here is a sampling of articles to get you started with his blog.

How did they get my e-mail?

What’s to say about Windows 7?

Manage Startup programs in Vista

How to boot from a CD

Just Say “No” To

Adding programs to your Startup Folder

Quick Tip: overcome “access denied” in Vista’s Command Prompt

“My Taskbar disappeared” and other simple tweaks (updated)

How to fix a “lost” Internet connection

My Startup folder is a clown car


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6 thoughts on “Tech-for Everyone, and I mean Everyone

Add yours

  1. It has been a great pleasure and privilege to have “bumped into you” on the Web, Professor Rick. And to everything you have said, I say, “right back at you!”


  2. Rick,

    A truly great site that deals with “real” issues. Issues that are important to “real” people, and not the “fluff” that is found on so many tech sites.

    Let me add my recommendation to yours.



  3. Bill,

    I know I am speaking for TechPaul, as well on this… You have been a mentor to both of us and we look toward you for advice, etc… This is what has made all of this good, for us all.



  4. Pochp,

    Email and RSS at TechPaul’s site is definitely good advice… Easy way to pull down the articles…

    By the way; you’re site “Plato-Online” is doing a great job, as well… Don’t be surprised you don’t see it here on the blog sometime. (I like surprising the bloggers)…



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