10 Microsoft Updates in Queue

Expect up to 10 Microsoft updates this Tuesday, June 9, 2009…  It is important to maintain your updates on your PC to keep you protected from any vulnerabilities that have been found.

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10 Microsoft Updates Arriving Soon

June 5, 2009 -By Larry Seltzer

10 Microsoft Updates Arriving Soon Expect 10 Microsoft updates next Tuesday, with patches for Windows, Office, Word, and IE. Busy Patch From Microsoft in June Microsoft has released their Advance Notification Bulletin for next Tuesday’s vulnerability disclosures and updates. It describes 10 updates: 6 to Windows, 1 to Office, 1 to Excel, 1 to Word, and 1 to Internet Explorer. The IE update appears to address the most serious vulnerabilities.

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  1. Pochp,

    I don’t think it will ever end. Millions upon millions of lines of code goes into an operating system and there will always be someone out their manipulating the code or finding the holes to cause us problems. I often wondered why?

    As always, thank you for commenting and visiting my site.



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