A Godzilla Collection of Portable Apps

Today I’m going to tell you about a new application that is the “Godzilla” of portable application suites; BUT, before I do, I know there are many readers out there that visit my blog who do not know what a portable software application is (aka: portable app). If you own a flash drive and you have not placed any software on it, you do not know what you are missing.

In order for a software application to be labeled as portable application, that can be run directly from your flash drive, the application must meet the following criteria:

  1. Does not require any kind of formal installation onto a computer’s permanent storage device to be executed, and can be stored on a removable storage device such as USB flash drive, enabling it to be used on multiple computers.
  2. Settings are stored with, and can be carried around with, the software (i.e., they are written to the USB drive). If the registry is used to store settings, the application’s configuration isn’t portable, and must be set up on every PC it is used on
  3. Leaves a zero (or near-zero) “footprint” on any PC it’s run on after being used. i.e., All temporary files/registry settings should be removed once the program has exited, and files created by the user can be saved directly to the same removable media as the application is stored on.

    [source: Wikipedia ]

In a nutshell, portable applications are applications that you copy (or install) to your flash drive that can be  used on  just about any Windows based computer and will leave no traces (or footprints) on the computer from which you use the flash drive.

If you are like me, my flash drive has become a repository in a sense for portable applications that I can’t live without.  It has taken me considerable time to research, test run and compile my collection of applications.

Today I happened across a FREE application called “LiberKey”, that will save you a considerable amount of time in getting your flash drive up and running.  LiberKey is an “already prepared” collection of numerous portable apps  that can be installed onto your flash drive (or your computer’s hard drive) “in one fell swoop”, menu and all. If you notice in the screen shot below, the menu is categorized; and, under each of those categories are sub-categories containing numerous portable apps. I have tried and tested many of the portable app suites and this one I have to say this is probably the best one I have yet to experience. The features that stands with me is that you can update the LiberKey package directly from the internet to keep all your portable apps up-to-date AND you can add/remove any applications at your discretion. I find LiberKey to be a very impressive application…


LiberKey is available in (3)-three different packages:

LiberKey Ultimate (202 packages)

LiberKey Standard (106 packages)

LiberKey Basic (28 packages)

Main Assets of LiberKey

  • 100% mobility with portable software
  • A rigorous selection among more than 1800 software
  • Updates of LiberKey directly by Internet
  • You can temporarily associate files extensions (.avi, .jpg, doc.,…) with LiberKey software
  • Optimization of launching and installed size
  • And, it is free, without virus, spyware, adware, popup, etc.

[ LiberKey Home Page ]


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12 thoughts on “A Godzilla Collection of Portable Apps

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  1. Again, a big tip of my geek hat to you sir.

    I was particularly pleased to see this page, http://www.liberkey.com/en/logiciels-a-installer.html, which provides direct links to those individual applications I might want.(My portable ‘toolkits’ are already well-stocked.)
    And when I rig a new one, I can save a lot of time by coming here and installing a “pack”.

    Fantastic “find”! You, and LiberKey, get my thanks.


  2. LiberKey illegally packages nearly all of that software. They’re violating open source licenses on nearly all the open source software they provide. And they’ve stolen code from PortableApps.com numerous times. Plus, most of their software isn’t fully portable and leaves all kinds of personal info behind.


    1. Tom,

      I appreciate you leaving a comment. If what you are stating is in fact a “true statement”, this article will be removed; HOWEVER, I have not seen anything indicating otherwise. If you could provide more information or facts, please feel free to do so. I also do not see where Liberkey is making money off of any of this and cannot imagine a developer going to this degree (with the menu software and elaborate website) to be taking from someone else. If anything Liberkey is promoting the software that has been created by others in a very positive way. I will be doing some research on this.

      Thank you,



  3. It’s been talked about on portablefreeware.com where opendev (the one guy running liberkey.com) was announcing it:

    Even the founder of portableapps.com, the biggest portable software site, confirmed what many have discovered:

    Ask mozilla or opera or google or utorrent or anybody else if liberkey is allowed to repackage their software and you’ll have your answer. Look over the liberkey website and see if you find a link to the source code for anything they do and you’ll have your answer again. Look over the website for any kind of legal or contact information and that really tells you something.


    1. Tom,

      Thank you for providing information on this matter. Portableapps vs. Liberkey appears to be a heated issue that I sure hope is resolved … The re-packaging is a very questionable concern and could result in some type of litigation. It is a wonder that more of this is not surfacing on the other Tech blogs that have posted articles about Liberkey. Will continue to follow this and if anyone has further comment, feel free to do so.



  4. Ramblinrick,

    LiberKey is illegal. It doesn’t matter that they’re not making money off it. What makes LiberKey illegal is that they’re stealing code (MY CODE TOO!!!). If you see, they’ve packaged Mozilla Firefox in their suite as well. OpenDev asked Mozilla for permission to put firefox into his suite, and they declined. However, he put it in his suite anyway.

    Most of the programs in his suite are GPL. The GPL license states that if you wish to use a GPL licensed program for any redistributing reasons, that program it includes in must but GPL as well. Half the apps on LiberKey are GPL. But OpenDev’s suite remains freeware (Freeware is different from Free, GPL, and Open Source).

    The folks at PortableApps.com do this differently. We release all our software as GPL, and we have permission from Mozilla and various other companies to make Portable Versions of their software.

    To top it off, these programs aren’t even portable. They leave files and settings behind on the local computer. PortableApps.com applications go through months of testing before becomming official. They all go through a series of development and serious testing.

    I even have proof.

    Take a look at a line from GPL

    “For example, if you distribute copies of such a program, whether gratis or for a fee, you must pass on to the recipients the same freedoms that you received. You must make sure that they, too, receive or can get the source code. And you must show them these terms so they know their rights.” – http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html


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