Technology has arrived in the bathroom…

I will let you be the judge on this revolutionary new product called “Comfort Wipe”… It is a for real product and just may end up being another portable app in your tech toolbox… To get a real feel for this product I encourage you to watch the demo video. Price is not bad either! 🙂

Comfort Wipe

For over a hundred years we’ve been using toilet tissues the same old way. Now there’s a better way with the extended reach and comfortable to use Comfort Wipe™. It grabs and holds the toilet tissue in perfect postions so you can easily wipe yourself. When you’re done, just dispense the soiled tissue right in the toilet with the press of a button. Comfort Wipe™ extends your reach a full 18″ while the anotomical design follows the contours of your body for perfect cleaning. It’s perfect for everyone, especially if you have trouble easily reaching because of physical limitations such as bad shoulder or other mobility litimations. Now you’ll never have to touch a dirty toilet tissue!


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8 thoughts on “Technology has arrived in the bathroom…

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  1. Rick,

    I always believed the reason we evolved having long arms was so we wouldn’t need products like this. LOL!

    What’s the world coming to when the “fat society” needs a “low” tech solution to ass wiping? I’m gonna stick with my dried leaves and pine needles, if you please!



  2. Thanks for that Rick. I often start my day by getting online and looking at headlines and visiting a few of my fave sites (this is one).
    Often, the headlines get me depressed.

    This cheered me right up, though, as I ROTFLMAO.

    (Sorta reminds me of a newsreel from the pioneering days of early aviation.. someone thought, “if two wings is good, eight wings will be better!”)


    1. TechPaul,

      I was experiencing “writer’s block” when this information fell into my lap… This is a legit product and it wouldn’t surprise me that we don’t see pitchman Bill May’s pushing this product on TV with (2)-two FREE bottles of OxiClean… (LOL)



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