Test Your Internet Connection Speed

If you are connected to the internet then you have purchased a plan through an internet service provider. Most residential plans are dial-up, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), Cable or Satellite. Many people when purchasing a plan through an internet service provider often do not realize or understand that they are purchasing bandwidth (the transmission speed or throughput of your connection to the Internet). Most providers offer faster download (downstream) speeds than upload (upstream) speeds. So, how do you know what your throughput is?

There are many sites and options available on the internet to test or troubleshoot your throughput or speed. The site that I use on a regular basis is  “Speakeasy – Speed Test”. Simply visit the site, click on a server, and sit back while the test runs.

Speakeasy - Speed Test

The “Download” test will run first, followed by the “Upload” test. The “Download” test measures  how fast your connection delivers content to your computer or local area network AND the “Upload” test measures how fast content is delivered from your computer or local area network to others on the Internet. If you are a business or someone that is a power broadband subscriber, the download and upload speeds should be very close to being the same. These types of tests can be used to troubleshoot your internet connection and to determine if you are getting what you are paying for.  The site also posts your current IP Address.

For your convenience, I have posted a “Speakeasy – Speed Test” banner on the sidebar of the blog that will allow you to test your internet connectivity speed anytime you are visiting.

Speakeasy Speed Test


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6 thoughts on “Test Your Internet Connection Speed

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  1. I use this service quite a bit. It requires that Flash be enabled; and for relevant results, choose the server location nearest to you.

    Are you getting the bandwidth you’re paying for? Find out with a click!

    Good one, Rick! (Makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it…)


  2. Now I have evidence if my broadband is cheating! lol
    Btw, I want to send an article about Browser Memory Usage to you via e-mail.
    It’s up to you if you’ll print it or not.


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