Will Vista be dead in the water?

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With the upcoming final release of Windows 7, which the tech world has been singing nothing but praises; what will the future of Windows Vista be?

Microsoft actually will be supporting Vista up to 2012; however, will Vista licenses be available after Windows 7? I have read that Windows 7 users will be able to downgrade to Vista if they are not satisfied with Windows 7, but who will want to do that?

I think the transition to Windows 7 for many will be smoother due to many businesses not opting to convert to Vista, in the first place, and remaining with Windows XP; AND, due to many home users being satisfied with running Windows XP. Keep in mind many people (and small businesses) who finally did get into computers did so during the XP era and have never really experienced another operating system. People do not like change; especially when it is expensive.  I do believe this has been a big factor in why XP has been mainstream for so long.

In my opinion, Vista was way ahead of the technology curve at the time of release, people (and hardware) were not ready for it and it did in fact have some bugginess to it; however, subsequent releases of Service Packs stabilized the OS and the hardware has been forced to catch up.  It is really not a bad operating system; however, sometimes it takes a “Vista” to make it all end up being a good thing after all.  Who knows, Vista may have been the alpha version of Windows 7 : )  I just hope Microsoft gives us Vista users an upgrade break in the end…


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11 thoughts on “Will Vista be dead in the water?

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  1. If I purchase a computer that is supposed to be able to run Vista it should run Vista. I shouldn’t have to wait 3 years to use a computer so the technology catches up.

    If that’s the case then I won’t upgrade Windows XP until 2014 when support officially stops for it.


    1. Steve,

      I could not agree with you more… When Vista was release the hardware or computer manufacturers were in fact releasing computers that really had a hard time running Vista. It actually took about a year before they were getting it right. What is nimbusters?



  2. As a former beta tester for Microsoft (way back for Windows 95). Microsoft is notorious for using “John Q. Public” as its beta tester if they think it will make their stock go up. People would be amazed at the crap they was considering releasing back then as part of their Operating system. They have the mentality of “go ahead and release it. We will fix it later”. I can remember back then, IBM had released OS2 and OS2 Warp. Great potential. But as history shows, IBM will put out a great product, but will walk away and fail to support it. Its been their downfall since the late 1980’s. Time will tell about the new OS, but consider this. Linus and other open source code systems are gaining strength. If manufactures keep writing drivers for the hardware, and more software becomes available, things will get interesting. Stay Tuned!


  3. Question: how do you mean “dead in the water”?
    If by that you mean “will Vista be remembered fondly when looked upon by History?” No. Vista developed a very bad “rep” early on, and Microsoft made no efforts to counter that public perception, while Apple did everything they could to foster that impression. (Possibly the dumbest thing Microsoft ever did.)

    Do you mean, “fail to gain favor and be adopted by Enterprise (aka business/corporate)”? Yes. Vista really doesn’t do well on single-core CPU+512MB/no graphics workstations. It really wasn’t intended to.

    Do you mean, “many people will have skipped right over Vista, going from XP to Windows 7”? Well, I know many for whom that will be the case.
    And I know a few who will shun Windows 7 too, and stick with XP until the wheels fall off.

    The big question it seems to me, is will the Enterprise adopt Windows 7, or will the current global economic mess keep them stuck on XP.. and hoping that that their UTMs and firewals will keep their workstations from being botted. (Because Conficker showed us their patch policies won’t!)

    If you are a XP die hard: Please give Windows 7 a fair trial. I have run the beta, and the RC’s (32 and 64-bit) as my primary OS since release, and I can sum up my “review” with this statement: this is the Windows Bill Gates & Co has been promising us since Windows 95.


    1. TechPaul,

      Great response to this… The readers will appreciate your thinking (and facts) on Vista. I especially like your last statement “If you are a XP die hard” and just how good Windows 7 is… I can’t wait for its’ release.

      Thank you for commenting.



  4. as a former xp user and an admitted xp “diehard”, i can say without any reservation or hesitation, windows 7 is better, and it is better at just about everything.

    fear not.


  5. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading and writing about the coming of Vista lately, and there are a couple of points in your post I’d like to relay some information on:

    1. Will Microsoft give users a break on upgrading to Windows 7?

    Yes, they are actually doing that right now. Windows 7 is available for pre-order for 50%+ off right now at select retailers and Microsoft’s website. It’s a limited time offer, so if you’re interested, you need to act NOW.

    2. Will it be easy for XP users to transition to Win7?

    Yes and no… Windows 7 is built on Vista’s core technologies, just streamlined a bit to run on lower-spec’d machines. This means great things for Vista users who want to upgrade: just pop the disk in and run the upgrade install. It’s not a “clean” install. However, for us XP users out there, it IS a clean install, it WILL wipe your hard drive, SO BACK UP YOUR DATA!

    @techpaul: I’ve heard great things about Windows 7, and I’m about to get on MS’s website and pre-order my copy. Thanks for the info!


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