The Ultimate Clock for your Windows Desktop

Here is a neat little application called “Clock”… It is what it is!  This app is an analog clock that you install on your PC that has a vast array of features and options. Once installed an analog clock will appear on your desktop (second hand and all) and  an icon will show in the taskbars’s system tray (at the bottom right corner of your screen). You can “right” mouse click on that icon to customize and change the appearance of your clock (see below). I normally select “On Top” and “Transparent – click thru” so that the clock is always visible. There is also a calendar feature and a feature to set alarms (for reminders).

You have option to change the appearance of the clock by selecting from 50 different themes OR you can design your own clock theme. “Clock” has been my favorite in the clock software category and best of all it is FREE. From what I can tell, Clock does not mess with the registry; therefore you could copy it to your flash drive and use it as a portable app (as I have done).


Features as described by the publisher:

Beautful! You’ll love the 50 themes provided!

Smart! It remembers your appointments!

Easy! You don’t need a degree in computer science to use it!

On Top! If you like, it will always be displayed, no matter how many windows you have open!

Customizable! Change the background picture to anything you like!

Unintrusive! Make it the size you like: choose between four pre-defined sizes or size it like you want!

Serious! Clock will not mess with your system registry!

Small! It’s only a 1Mb download!

Free! It costs nothing!


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11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Clock for your Windows Desktop

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  1. Seems bit too flashy. 🙂

    In my setup I have clock included in Samurize bar on top of screen. Best place ever for indicators because window title area is almost always unused and wasted.


  2. Rarst,

    You can take the flash out of it if you desire with the editor… I use the transparency feature and click thru settings to make the clock visible at all times.

    Nice clock… For some reason getting a ton of hit on this 🙂

    Glad to here from you!



  3. great find rick! i have been looking and it’s not real easy to find a clock that is win7 and 64bit compatible. i wish samurize was 64bit compatible.


  4. I really forgot to use this because I switched
    to a netbook last March and used Paymo which is more
    of a task time monitor. Clock would be now my alternative. More power to WOMP!


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