Batch Articles on Windows 7 Pricing

dollar signHere is what we all have been waiting for.  HOW MUCH?  Windows 7 is the upcoming version of Microsoft Windows. It is slated for release on October 22, 2009.  How much is it going to cost?

To answer that question, I have provided several credible sources for you to read to get related information (and thoughts) on the pricing. I encourage you to read the comments posted on these sites.

If you desire, please leave me your comments (rants or raves) and thoughts on the pricing. Windows 7 is being touted as the best Windows operating system ever; but will we be paying too much?

Windows 7 Pricing
(by Tech-for Everyone)

Windows 7 Discount, Available for a Limited Time
(by Tux In The Midwest)

Windows 7 pricing announced: cheaper than Vista (Updated)
(by ars technica)

Windows 7 Pre-Order Offer
(by Microsoft)

Windows 7 Pricing: How Much Lower?
(by InformationWeek)

Windows 7 Pricing: Good News, Mostly
(by Gizmodo)

Microsoft to charge Europeans double for Windows 7
(by Computerworld)

Windows 7 pre-orders grab Amazon’s top sales spots
(by Computerworld)

Analyst: $120 for Windows 7 ‘way too much’
(by Computerworld)

Windows 7 Upgrade No Deal for Many Businesses


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8 thoughts on “Batch Articles on Windows 7 Pricing

Add yours

  1. I order the upgrade last week on the Microsoft site last friday. I bought the home premium update. It was only 49.95 (special pricing for a limited time) and Microsoft states they will not charge your card until it is shipped. I am installing on my HP Pavillion Laptop I just bought last August. I am excited about it. I ordered the CD version to be shipped to me.


  2. Rick,

    Upgrades, in my view, are pointless, which means I would have to pay $319.99 for a full install CD of Win 7 Ultimate. That price is 99 cents more than I paid for a recent purchase of a dual core machine, which I bought for $319!

    Microsoft’s greed just astonishes me. This pricing scheme is a swindle. When my Win 7 RC expires, Linux here I come!

    Microsoft, you thought you had a problem with pirated and cracked copies of XP Pro? Just wait. Crackers are already working on Win 7 and I have to admit, based on this pricing, I wish them luck.



  3. Bill,

    My sentiments exactly… Microsoft is making a critical blunder here. The operating system is a sensation and you would think their marketing tactic would be to provide a sensational deal. It would definitely make an impression that would not be forgotten. In regards to “hackers and cracker”; I think we all know how to work that circuit if need be.



  4. Just added another article to the batch…

    Windows 7 Upgrade No Deal for Many Businesses from PCWorld. Interesting how the upgraded is limited and will force businesses (with more than 25 PCs) to go the more costly route.



  5. Add to this that there is no “upgrade” path from XP (and older) to Win 7, you must upgrade to Vista first (or already be on Vista).

    Now.. here’s the real poop: if you are already on Vista w/SP2, there’s simply no (legitimate) reason to upgrade to Win 7.
    There are reason if you’re still on XP (or older), so you have two choices: 1) a new machine, 2) Full version install.

    I have really been impressed with the decisions Microsoft as been making lately.. and then came this! Which IMHO ranks amonst the dumbest business decisions EVER. (All one has to do is look at sales of Vista install discs to see why.)


  6. Oh, sorry. Got so bent I forgot my intended comment..

    Great list of articles, and I am honored to be among them, and I agree with your statement that the reader comments are what are the best reads (the prices are what they are).


  7. TechPaul,

    Thanks for getting so “bent”… You got the point across very, very well and justifiably so AND pointed out some more facts we needed to know…




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