Geek Squeaks of the Week (#19)

The “What’s On My PC…” blogroll community continues to produce tech articles that are comparable, in content, to commercial blog publications. It is an honor to be associated with such a great bunch of authors that produce and deliver information with the objective in mind of helping other people.  Reflected is a sampling of posts, created by these authors, from  the past week.


TTC Shelbyville
U.K., not North Korea,
source of DDOS attacks, researcher says

The Abbey Rose
Remove the Search Box

Software Wars – Microsoft’s Battle Ground

AKS-Feel The Change
Fusion of Google, Bing and Yahoo

Tech-for Everyone
A Great Resource For The Traveler

Tumblr Launches Community Submissions

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Spam and Botnets – Who’s Responsible?
How to Remove AntiVirusPro

The Spyware Biz Blog
How secure is your password nowadays?

Carol’s Vault
Surf safer, faster and smarter with OpenDNS and WOT

Free Network Drive Mapper

Crazy World of G
The Yellow Gun Project
Easily cut and trim MP3 files with mp3DirectCut

EvilFantasy’s Blog
Use Revo Uninstaller
to terminate unresponsive processes

Plato on-line
What Not to put on Plastic

Free PC Security
Advanced System Care from IOBit

Piyada’s World
Automatic transfer images from Camera
to Computer with WIA-Loader

Microsoft Office 2010 in Videos


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6 thoughts on “Geek Squeaks of the Week (#19)

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  1. As always, I want to thank you for mentioning my humble Tips & Tricks site in this great resource compilation. And as always, I invite your reader’s to “click around” and explore; there’s great stuff here!


  2. Rick, writing a daily blog is hard work, and you and I do it for “love not money”. What’s On My PC really is simply a terrific site, and I hope that it will continue to be as fun for you to do as it is for me to visit, for a long, long while to come!


    1. Pochp,

      Thanks for keeping that blog of yours going… I have no method to my madness when I select an article. The Geek Squeaks’ is actually a way for me to visit everyone on the blogroll to see what they are up to…



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