Speed Dial your way in Firefox

Many internet users have specific web sites they visit on a daily basis and often do not venture out beyond that.  If you are a advocate of the browser, Mozilla Firefox, then you know there are browser extensions (add-ons) that you can download to customize and make your browsing experience a more efficient experience.

One of my favorite extensions that I have installed in Firefox is called Speed Dial.  Speed Dial is actually an idea that has been borrowed from another browser called Opera that gives you fast access to your most used web sites.  Speed Dial loads in a tab, and will show thumbnail views of websites you have assigned to Speed Dial. The thumbnails are automatically refreshed in the background when the site changes. Once you have your Speed Dial customized to your liking, you simply click on the Speed Dial button on the browser toolbar to load your thumbnail collection of your most frequently visited sites.  Click on any of the thumbnails to visit the selected site. You can get the Speed Dial extension [ HERE ] .


Features as described by publisher:

Speed Dial will open in a tab, showing the currently assigned websites as thumbnails.

The Speed Dial tab can be loaded automatically in new tabs and windows.

The assigned websites can be loaded automatically by pressing the Control key and it’s assigned number.

Drag & drop reordering.

Add dialog when clicking an unassigned entry.

Automatic refresh of thumbnails by using a background browser (with configurable interval per thumbnail).

Toolbar buttons to access Speed Dial’s functionality (including a drop down of the assigned websites).

Multiple addresses can be assigned to a single dial, similar to the way the home page is handled (separating them with the “|” character).

Weather status, which can locate your position automatically based on your IP (courtesy of GeoBytes). Clicking on that dial will provide the full weather forecast.


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4 thoughts on “Speed Dial your way in Firefox

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  1. Pochp,

    Actually the author of this extension duplicated the “speed dial” idea and concept that is a feature in Opera. You will find that this “speed dial” has alot more features.



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