Windows Update to be Updated

Be Aware: Starting in late August, Microsoft will start rolling out an update (or upgrade) to the Windows and Microsoft Update Services. You will automatically receive the upgrade if you have automatic updates set to install download updates. Reportedly this upgrade will enhance the notification process and provide a more detailed description of updates. It is important that you receive this upgrade so that your PC is adequately protected in the future. The Windows and Microsoft Update Services are automated services provided by Microsoft that keep your Windows operating system and other Windows software (such as MS Office) up-to-date.

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Upcoming Update for Windows Update

Please be aware that beginning next month, we will start an upgrade to the Windows Update and Microsoft Update services. As a part of the service upgrade, an update to the Windows Update and Automatic Updates client code will be required. We will start this infrastructure update in late August, and it will take a couple of months to complete the rollout. Updates to the services and Windows code are required from time to time to maintain and improve service quality, reliability, and operations. The last update occurred in November of 2008.

[ SOURCE: Microsoft Update Product Team Blog ]


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