JKDefrag now called MyDefrag

Most techs out there will relate to this when I say, JKDefrag is the ugly duckling of disk defragmentation and optimization utilities; BUT, in terms of function and getting the job done, it is the workhorse. Jeroen Kessels, the brainchild behind JKDefrag, recently announced with the release of Version 4.0 it has been renamed to “MyDefrag” .

According the the web site, the name change was made due to a customizable scripting language being added, as well as other improvements.

The program is now called “MyDefrag”, because it has a scripting language and you can customize just about every aspect of it. It is no longer the “JK” (Jeroen Kessels) defragger, but “my” (your) defragger!

  • Fully functional freeware.
  • With scripting language.
  • Improved interface.
  • Higher speed.
  • Better optimization.
  • Lower memory usage.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Easier to install.
  • …. and more!

Defragging and/or Optimizing your disk is something you should be doing on a routine basis; either using the built in defragmentation utility in Windows or by using a third party utility such as MyDefrag. If you are not sure on how to run your Windows maintenance utilities, I encourage you to read:

Four Vital Tools You Already Have…
(courtesy of TechPaul at Tech-for Everyone)

MyDefrag is sort of a techie type of utility and requires some minor configuring to defrag external drives; BUT, if you do install it, it will (by default) defrag or optimize your hard disk (C:).  There are several options (or strategies) to pick from when using MyDefrag (see menu options below).  According the the web site it is best to to run the “Fast Update” script once per day on a fixed schedule and run the “Slow Optimize” script once in a while by hand, for example every 2 weeks or so. Another good option is to use the “Fast Optimize” script every day, without running “Slow Optimize”.


I encourage you to visit the MyDefrag site [ HERE ] to read about this third party utility AND to learn more about “how and why” you should be defragging or optimizing your computer’s hard disk.


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7 thoughts on “JKDefrag now called MyDefrag

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    1. Pochp,

      OS installed defrag is Ok; however, many of the third party defraggers provide different defragmentation methods, automation, etc… Good example of this is at the MyDefrag FAQ Page [ CLICK HERE ]

      As always, thanks for visiting…



      1. I always liked the standard Defrag Utility that came with Windows best(based off an earlier build of Disk Defragmenter if I’m not mistaken)

        Then again, I’m not a massive fan of installing lots of 3rd party apps when I can, lest my PC turn into some insanely geeky version of ‘Animal House’ (Off topic – but good movie by the way!)


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