Commercial Grade Backup and Recovery Software for FREE

GFI, a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, and leading software developer of network security, content security and messaging software is offering for FREE a Home Edition of their backup software (called GFI Backup).


If you are not performing backups of files that are important to you, then minimize the risk of losing those files with a good backup solution. What I like about GFI Backup is that it is a full featured backup solution that has an easy-to-use backup wizard option that is great for new users who may have found backup software to be intimidating.

GFI Backup 2009 allows you to back up all your important documents, photos, music, emails and program settings using a simple but smart wizard-driven interface to nearly every storage device (including local and external disk drives, LAN, CD/DVD, removable devices, remote FTP servers, etc.). Download and use GFI Backup 2009 today – a FREE easy-to-use backup software solution, designed for secure backups of all your important data.

To learn more GFI Backup, I encourage you watch the video below to see how a backup of files is performed using the GFI Backup Software.



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