Geek Squeaks of the Week (#20)

Whew…  What a week here for me; but, I’ve managed to get out the Geek Squeaks’.  Geek Squeaks is a collection of articles, from the past week, by the authors (or site administrators) of blogs that are on my blogroll. If you want to “get up to speed” on the latest in technology, I encourage you to visit these sites and to visit the “Geek Squeaks” category listing at the side of the blog (to pull up past articles).  Thank you!


Tux in the Midwest
Windows 7 is Beautiful

AKS-Feel The Change
avast! 5 Beta soon available for Download

TTC Shelbyville
Insecure.Org Unveils
Nmap Security Scanner Version 5.00 – DarkReading
How to Remove Security Mechanic

The Abbey Rose
Firefox and free solutions

But it fit…

First look at the Up Coming Firefox’s 3.7’s design

Carol’s Vault
DISQUS | Turn Blog Comments
a Powerful Comment System

Tech-for Everyone
Cybercriminals Target Clueless Vacationers

Ashampoo Office 2008 for cheap (or free…)

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
You’re in Luck – Perfect
Defender 2009 License Key

Is You GEEKed Up
High Quality Portable Audio Setup On A Budget

Sugarloaf Tech
Restore Task Manager

How Cash Over Credit Can Save You Money

What Is SEO? – SEO Do’s and Don’ts

Piyada’s World
How to check dead pixel in LCD monitors?
Snowbird – stupidly simple and fast file manager

Plato on-line
Obama Wants Bloggers’ Help


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8 thoughts on “Geek Squeaks of the Week (#20)

Add yours

  1. Rick,
    Thanks so very much for including my blog post on SEO on your Geek Squeaks page.

    You’re a very bright dud. You’ve learned how to use User-generated Content (UGC) in a way that is mutually beneficial to yourself and your contributors.

    All of us who are fortunate enough to be contributors to Geek Squeaks should be thinking of you as a genius. UGC is the Holy Grail.

    Thanks again for pointing folks to my site.



    1. Scoroncocolo,

      You are quite welcome. I try to do the “Geek Squeaks” each week. This gives me the opportunity review all the blogs on my blogroll; plus, if they post an article during the week I can help drive traffic in their direction. Now, the genius part (LOL)… I will have to show this to my wife. Thanks for commenting and making your blog available to us all.



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