Technology is needed to control these monkeys…

If you think the wildlife has encroached your area; how would you like 65,000 Macque monkeys running around terrorizing your neighborhood? This is exactly what is occurring in Punjab, India. The solution being sought there is to take the worst offenders, amongst the rogue monkeys, and put them through a crash course in good manners…  My thinking is that there has to be some type of technology available to subdue these critters other than giving one laptop per monkey and sending them to school.  Anyone out there have a potential tech solution to this problem?  If so, please leave a comment with your solution.

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British Broadcasting Corporation

24 July 2009 19:48 UK

Indian school for rogue monkeys

Wildlife officials in India plan to build a special school to improve the behaviour of delinquent monkeys.

Monkey in India

They say the aim is to target monkeys that pose a serious threat to people in the state of Punjab.

Punjab has more than 65,000 wild monkeys.

Macaque monkeys routinely destroy TV antennae, tear down clothes-lines and damage parked scooters and motorcycles.

“Besides people landing in hospitals after encounters with monkeys, the animals also often get hurt when house owners try to chase them away or keep them out by using live electric wires and other means,” chief wildlife warden RK Luna told the BBC

The proposed new monkey school will take in the “worst offenders” and put them through a crash course in good manners.



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5 thoughts on “Technology is needed to control these monkeys…

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  1. Here is yet another example of why I enjoy visiting your site. I’m a bit surprised you haven’t received any comments on this one…

    Maybe.. something like, “what’s this got to do with tech?”

    I have a slightly unmodern viewpoint in that I don’t think behavior mod works (though, I concede that authoritative “carrot and stick” applications can produce short-term results). So my “remedy” isn’t even one little iota “politically correct” — clearly, humans are the problem and we need to eradicate them so the monkeys can live as nature intended!


  2. TechPaul,

    You are right; “What’s this got to do with tech?”. Have to throw something in the mix once in awhile. Though, not a “tech article”; however, a “tech solution” may be the answer. I absolutely agree the “human factor” is the problem. Hmmm… How about shock collars around the “rogue leaders”? Get near the town and zzzzzsmokezzzz…


  3. Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!


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