Finding Icons for that Special Project

If you are a blogger, web designer, graphic designer or someone just looking for an icon graphic for that special project I suggest you use “Iconfinder” .


Iconfinder provides high quality icons in an easy, efficient and searchable way.  The database of icons, that continues to grow, currently consists of over 106,000 different icons in over 160 icon sets. You can either do a search for an icon or you can browse the icon sets.  I am sure you will find a good, high quality icon, for that special project. The majority of icons provided by Iconfinder are FREE for personal use and some of the icons are even available for commercial use.


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4 thoughts on “Finding Icons for that Special Project

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  1. Hello Rick, Congrats on your one year anniversary. Now send me my free software…………ha,ha. You know me Rick, anything free, I’m there. Thanks Pal, and again Congrats on your great Blog. Your Pal, George


  2. Cappydawg,

    Yes, they do have nice icons. I use IconFinder alot. I hope they continue to build on what they have. Will become very popular (which it already is).

    Again, you are welcome here at my blog anytime… Thank you for commenting.



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