Very cool animated site on how to build a computer…

If you are thinking about building your own computer OR you want to learn more about the internal components of your computer, then “PCitYourself” is an good starting point.  This site provides “How To” instructions in conjunction with flash based technology, to animate “step-by’step”, the process of choosing parts for a computer, building the computer and the installation of the Bios, Operating System and Drivers. Watching the parts flying around and landing in their respective places inside the PC will entice you to want to build a PC.  Great educational tool and very well done!




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One thought on “Very cool animated site on how to build a computer…

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  1. Building the computer is really not the difficult part, but you will need to know what components you are buying and make sure everything is compatible. Not a big deal, usually AMD and Intel motherboards tell you what to use and what works. The motherboard is the key starting point to building a computer.


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