A Portable Start Menu for your Flash Drive

I generally am a person that likes to be organized; even when it comes to managing files and program apps on my flash drive. I have tried numerous menu launchers on my flash drive and the one I settled with in the end is called “Portable Start Menu”. This little menu app installs an icon in your system tray that serves as a start menu for your flash drive apps and it does not stop there.


There are (3)-three features that I really like about Portable Start Menu:

You can configure Portable Start Menu, to automatically launch an application (or applications) when it starts up. For example, I carry my personal information manager with me. When I plug in my flash drive and start up “Portable Start Menu”, my personal information manager will automatically load and it is the first app I see.

    When you click on the Portable Start Menu Icon in the tray, you can readily see how much space you have remaining on your flash drive.

      When you get ready to unplug your flash drive, there is a menu selection available [ Close all running applications ]. This option will attempt to close any app you have open and once the apps is successfully closed a popup box (with an audio alert) will appear informing you it is safe to pull the drive. This feature alone is unheard of in the other portable menu apps I have tried. Many people lose data or cause file corruption on their flash drives due they end up pulling the drive before it has completed its’ operations.



        • Organize and launch applications via a tray menu
        • Closes running applications on USB-Sticks automatically
        • Checks if an application has been changed before execution
        • Quick Start functionality to start applications with a few keystrokes
        • Runs on USB-Sticks without leaving any traces on a host PC
        • Portable Start Menu is Freeware
        • Close running applications when you exit Portable Start Menu
        • Safely remove your USB-Stick
        • Supports relative paths
        • Can open folders, web sites, files, etc…

        Portable Start Menu is my menu launcher of choice on my flash drive. I have been using this app for over a year and it has not ever let me down.  Highly recommended!

        System: Win9x/Me/NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista
        License: Freeware

        [ GET IT HERE ]


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        13 thoughts on “A Portable Start Menu for your Flash Drive

        Add yours

        1. Thanks for the info, I will definitley try this one out. I have been looking for a start menu for portable apps and never to happy with what I have tried.
          By the way, which PIM do you use Ramblirick? Is it freeware?


        2. Been looking for a good one of these also, and haven’t tried this one yet. I like the idea of the auto-close to help with a safe eject, so I will definitely be giving this a try. Thanks.


          1. TechPaul,

            I have tried numerous menu apps for the flash drive and I keep coming back to this one… The safe eject feature is really a nice feature that helps protect your files from corruption. The author worked on this until he (or she) got it right.



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