Safety is every Tech’s business…

Following my retirement, I landed a part-time job in the field of Safety & Security. Safety is a big deal, especially from a liability standpoint, when it comes to the management of people and the environment which they work in; however, sometimes making people understand what is safe and what is not safe is a real challenge. We often have to resort to visuals (such as signs and graphics) that standout to get the point across; AND, even then that does not work.


Using my skills as a former computer information specialist, in my current job capacity, I have produced signage (on the computer) for safety concerns and issues in the environment for which I am working; however, none of my signage has reached the level such as seen on the website “Safety Graphic Fun” .


If you have some spare time and want to humor yourself and see an example on how we human beings, having not evolved from monkeys (my beliefs); BUT how we are evolving into monkeys (my beliefs), then give this site a visit. It is a nice run on bizarre safety signs that we, as humans, have designed to alert other humans of unsafe conditions.  Enjoy!

Oh…  Too keep this article tech related… If you are interested in designing your own safety signs, I encourage you to visit “Sign Builder” [ HERE ].  Sign Builder includes a number of web-based tools designed to facilitate the creation of custom general and safety signs.


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