Keep your software up-to-date with TechTracker

CNET TechTracker app, is a free and easy-to-use downloadable app that helps you keep your computer software up to date. When it comes to keeping your computer secure and maintaining its’ performance, it is important to keep all software (especially the most popular titles), up-to-date.


TechTracker is currently in beta and has been released for public testing and review; however, you must be a CNET member (which is FREE) to download and use the software. Once you have your CNet membership and the TechTracker software installed, it will perform a scan of your PC (for outdated software) and generate the results in your web browser at your very own TechTracker homepage. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are currently supported.

Following the installation of the software, you will see the TechTracker icon in the system tray. If you left double click on the icon, you will automatically be directed to your TechTracker homepage. If you right click on the icon, you have options such as performing a scan and configuring the settings (i.e. for scan frequency, auto update); PLUS, you can readily tell how many software updates are available and what software titles are in need of updating.


After testing this application, I consider TechTracker to be a “cloud app”, due that the scan results are compared to the “online” CNET Downloads database, which is recognized as one of the most comprehensive and trusted software databases in the world. Furthermore, from what I can see at this point, TechTracker is a “set and forget” application.  Scans for outdated software are performed at scheduled intervals (which you can set) and the application itself will auto update.

In the end, TechTracker looks like a keeper to me. CNET, which is a world recognized tech site, would not put something like this out there without the promise of maintaining it in the future.  This app will ultimately get better!


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4 thoughts on “Keep your software up-to-date with TechTracker

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  1. Once again, you’ve “scooped” ole Tech Paul.. and I’m a C/Net member, too. (sigh) I hope you’ll alert us (again) when this comes out of beta.

    Love this site. A real “undiscovered gem”.


  2. This must be better than FileHippo update checker because Cnet’s software database is much larger. Thanks for the tip Rick!


  3. the big story here is that CNET paid $6M for version tracker and had to scrap it, and then rebuild it as tech tracker and relaunch a free product to gain some of their credibility back (and abandon the driver updates). This was a major loss for CNET and IMO shows desperation on their part. Word on the street here in silicon valley is that this company is bleeding money.


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