A FREE cloud based version of Microsoft Office is coming…

Microsoft is finally seeing the light (or cloud I should say) and will be making available (for FREE) a browser based (light weight) version of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note to members of its free Windows Live online service. It is my understanding that if you have a Windows Live account (i.e. Hotmail account) you will be able to access these applications for FREE in your web browser (including Firefox). It is anticipated to be available sometime next year (2010) as Microsoft Office 2010 is rolled out.  It is currently unknown if these cloud apps will be ad supported or not.

This is a major step for Microsoft in an effort to compete with the likes of other cloud based services that already offer similar functionality, such as Google Docs. This may be an excellent solution for many people out there, such as the “Moms and Pops” who only need a “light weight” version of these apps to perform lightweight tasks (such as drafting a letter or simply as a means to open an Office document).

According to Microsoft, you will be able to
“View documents across PCs, mobile phones, and the Web without compromising document fidelity. Create new documents and do basic editing using the familiar Office interface”.

You can learn more about the upcoming web based version of Microsoft Office 2010 [ HERE ] and by watching the video below.



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6 thoughts on “A FREE cloud based version of Microsoft Office is coming…

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  1. Office 2010 sounds interesting, but why wait for it to come out when you can use a product like eXpresso which already exists. I use eXpresso for business and personal needs and I LOVE IT! eXpresso provides real-time collaboration and editing control for shared Microsoft Office files in the cloud. Check it out at http://www.expressocorp.com


  2. Rick,
    I just hate it when people guess the future under the guise of “expert”, so I am going to guess the future as just plain-old “Paul” — I think that Microsoft will use (or try to use) the same model they do with Hotmail.

    The free version has two (at least) banners.
    For a “modest fee”, you can have an ad-free version.


    1. TechPaul,

      Thanks for your input on this… Microsoft will be working to get this right and I do not think it will be loaded down with a bunch of ads. Personally, if it works great, I would not really care if there was an ad banner or two.



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