A FREE PDF Management Utility

Most everyone is aware of the Adobe PDF (portable document format) that is the de facto standard for printable documents on the internet. This format is seen everywhere on the internet and is also commonly used to archive documents at the computer level.  For example, I use an utility called PDF Creator to transpose my documents into that format for archiving. This is a great way to save paper. You can learn more about PDF Creator [ HERE ] .

I recently came across a multi-function utility that will serve to enhance my working with PDF files even further, called PDF Tools. Using PDF Tools, in conjunction with other FREE PDF utilities, such as Foxit Reader and PDF Creator, in essence, gives me a broad range of powerful options when working with PDF files.

PDFTools is a PDF management application. It can encrypt, decrypt, join, split, stamp, create, and rearrange PDF files. It also includes a easy to use XML to PDF converter.  The feature, I most use, is the “Join Multiple PDF’s”.  I find myself using PDF Creator to print my online sales receipts and then using PDF Tools to combine all the receipts into one file.

[ Get PDF TOOLS Here ]


Publisher’s Description of Features:

Encrypt PDF : This option allows you to password protect any PDF file. Also, you can specify additional features for protected PDF.
Note: Some of the features are only available if you select 128 bit encryption.

Decrypt PDF : This option allows you to create a protection-free version of a encrypted PDF file.

Join PDFs : This option allows you to create a PDF file by joining multiple PDF files.

Split PDF : This option allows you to split a PDF file in multiple ways. You can split each page to new PDF, split even pages to new PDF, split odd pages to new PDF, split after given page number, split at every given page count or split a range of pages to new PDF file.

Stamp PDF : This option allows you to overlay (or stamp) a Text or Image over a PDF file. You can overlay Text/Image at pre-defined location in pages or at any custom location by giving its X and Y position. For text, in custom position you can define angle (in Degrees) for text. For Image, you can define the scaling for image. Scale option is available for both pre-defined location and custom location.

Rearrange PDF : This option allows you arrange pages in a PDF file. You can reverse all pages, copy multiple pages on single page or create handout style pages.

Create PDF : This option allows you create a PDF file from xml file.


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3 thoughts on “A FREE PDF Management Utility

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  1. i’ll have to try it out. like you, i mostly need to join multiple pdf’s.

    i’ve been using Adolix split n merge which does a great job.


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