Tech-for Everyone Tip on “How to Change Window Size”

Today when I was browsing one of my favorite sites, Tech-for Everyone, I noticed that Tech Paul had posted an article on:

“How to Change Window Size” .


You are probably thinking, everyone knows how to do that…  Wrong!  This is why Tech-for Everyone is one of my favorite sites.  See, Tech Paul is alot like me and tries to look at things through the eyes of the everyday computer user.  Believe me, I have assisted numerous people and tips such as “How to Change Window Size” is a big help to the majority. As a matter of fact, I have found that the best computer techs are the ones that want people to learn and do not overtalk or use terms people cannot understand.  Now, get over there to his site and find out “How to Change Window Size”.


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5 thoughts on “Tech-for Everyone Tip on “How to Change Window Size”

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  1. Rick, it was very nice of you to write those kind things about me and my humble Tech Tips site (the check is in the mail)(Ha!) and I very much appreciate it.

    Most of my “how to’s” and tips come straight from real questions asked by real people; either by writing in, or during the course of a support session. My real job (as a tech) helps keep me aware of the challenge folks have of keeping up with the ever-changing technology.

    Your readers are always welcome to visit!


  2. TechPaul,

    Not necessary for the “check”. You “pay us” everytime you make a post on your site (very valuable information). It is very hard to look through the eyes of the everyday computer user; especially when a person has been doing computers for years. This post you did had a special meaning about your character…



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