Play Microsoft’s FREE Game – Are You Certifiable?

You are just minutes away from playing “Are You Certifiable?”. Hundreds of Microsoft certification-like questions await. Compete against friends, or for a top spot on the leaderboard. You may have a high tech IQ, but “Are YOU Certifiable?”

Working toward and acquiring Microsoft Certifications is recognized by the industry as a way build and demonstrate your technology expertise and skills. Employers in the tech and computer industry recognize the value of Microsoft Certification and consider the certifications as a way to validate one’s skills. This game, by Microsoft, is a fun way to determine if you have what it takes.


To play Microsoft’s “Are You Certifiable?”, Microsoft Silverlight must be installed. You can either play as a “Guest” or as a “Registered User”. If you currently have a Window’s Live (Hotmail) account, registration is very easy.  By registering you can save your progress, scores and achievments, and gain access to the “Top Scores” and “Friends” leader boards.


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6 thoughts on “Play Microsoft’s FREE Game – Are You Certifiable?

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  1. I took the first two of the 5 “quiz shows” so far, and — at least in the category I selected (IT Professional) — you had better know your stuff.

    I didn’t find this “lame” at all, and I thank you for bringing this to my attention, Rick.

    PS — Never heard of “Active Directory”? Don’t try the “IT Pro” path!

    PPS — you don’t “need” to “register”. There’s a “Guest” option.


    1. TechPaul,

      If one does in fact give this a try you will find “you better know your stuff”… It is possible, as Rarst had indicated, it is a way for Microsoft to put Silverlight out there; but, I also think (more so) it is a way for Microsoft to portray the importance of their certification processes. Anyway, I thought it was a neat thing, getting alot of hits on it, and just showed me (personally) that I would have to do a whole lot of studying to buzz through the questions.



    2. Guest option is only good for one test, just throwing a bone.

      It seems that Microsoft has a budget for things “do whatever you want, just promote our product X”. Results range for something decent to epic fails, but they all have few things in common – glorify subject MS product (/bash competition), get MS stuff on user’s computer and corner him into registering.

      All common marketing tactics, except than MS performance with them usually lacks polish. Well, budget spent. 🙂

      I may have been too fast on this specific one, but I have seen stunts like this before and frankly I am less than impressed with this type of promotion.


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