A FREE Reminder Service In The Cloud

If you are like me, you can be told to remember something and it will eventually, like smoke, vaporize in a short matter of time.  My attention span is here, there, and a little bit of everywhere and the focus is soon lost (and very quickly).


To help me with my deficit I have been using an online cloud app called “ReSnooze”. I have featured ReSnooze on the blog in the past and feel it is worth a second post. ReSnooze is a really neat “reminder” service that helps you remember things; not only one time, but over and over, if necessary. ReSnooze will email the reminders to you…

Let’s face it, we are bombarded with information at a phenomenal rate and you better be organized to keep up or you will experience information overload and forget the really important things that could result in injury (like your anniversary).

What is ReSnooze good for?

Resnooze is a great to-do list tool. Low-priority items won’t bug you too much, but will not be forgotten.

Resnooze is a new approach for bookmarking. It guarantees that you actually remember to visit the URLs you’ve bookmarked; It naturally prevents bookmark clutter.

More specifically, Resnooze is good for remembering to:

  • Re-visit websites (by simply typing the URL)
  • Make a phone call
  • Pay a bill
  • Make a doctor appointment
  • Ask a friend to return your book
  • Buy a gift
  • Follow-up on something

Have you ever emailed yourself something just to keep it in mind?

Resnooze makes the process or “emailing yourself” easier. By default, Resnooze reminders are periodical so you won’t forget them even if you ignore one.

With Resnooze, you can adjust the reminder frequency in a single click, from within the email message.

Recently added to ReSnooze is the convenient “Hot Reminders List” that is a listing things that you can add to your reminders.

To use ReSnooze in its’ fullest, I suggest you visit the site and sign up for a FREE account.  You will find ReSnooze one of the most useful cloud apps out there!


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9 thoughts on “A FREE Reminder Service In The Cloud

Add yours

    1. Mrinmay,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting… I think you will find that ReSnooze is really a neat and useful cloud app. I have come to depend on it to remember websites and those things I know I have a tendency to forget.



    1. Bill,

      I agree with the “age thing”; however, I sometimes think my brain is like a PC… I multi-task, lock up and often “ctrl-alt-del” to reboot. The “multi-tasking” has alot to do with it. “Too many irons in the fire”, as they say 🙂



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