TrillianAstra – The Ultimate Instant Messenger

These days the avenues of messaging and communicating with each other, on the computer, are many. There is instant messaging; messaging via the social networks; IRC (Internet Relay Chat); and email. What usually occurs is that we end up installing multiple messaging clients so that we can stay in the loop and end up slowing down our PC’s and internet connection, as a result.

There is a FREE solution and that solution is TrillianAstra – The Ultimate Instant Messenger. You install TrillianAstra and it will work with many of the messaging services that you have an account with.

TrillianAstra lets you connect to multiple IM and social networks at the same time, managing contacts and real time status feeds efficiently.


TriallianAstra is interoperable with any of the following instant messaging services:


In addition (for Windows), TrillianAstra will work with:


Consolidate all of your email inboxes into a single area of the contact list. Each item will show the amount of unread messages, sender information, and message snippets if available. Double click on any mail item to conveniently launch the inbox associated with that item.

TrillianAstra is full of features; over 400 features to be exact.  TrillianAstra is currently available for Windows XP, Vista, 7; Web ; and Tablet PC.  iPhone and Mac OS X are currently in development.


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