Manage your files and folders with Q-Dir…

The ability to understand and manage your files and folders on your computer is something that everyone should learn to do. It not only makes you more computer literate; it gives you the confidence in knowing just what files you are saving and where. Microsoft, in its’ infinite wisdom, actually takes into account that most people do not have a clue about file management and have tried to make it easy by making default folders (such as My Document, Pictures, Videos, etc…) that will prompt the user to save their files to.

Once you have learned to manage files and folders you will find yourself using the Windows Explorer interface on a more frequent basis; then you then start wondering is there a better way.  There are numerous file management utilities available that I have personally tested.  One such example, that recently has become a favorite of mine, is called Q-Dir.

Q-Dir is pretty simple to use and makes managing your files easier with less hand moves (or mouse clicks) that is accomplished through a multi-pane environment.  It is also available as a portable application that can be carried with you on your flash drive.


Q-Dir does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop. Rename Q-Dir_Installer.exe to Q-Dir.exe and GO.


Favorites: Quick access to most often used folders.

Drag&Drop: Move files by dragging in Q-views, and other programs such as MS Explorer.

Clipboard: Copy/ Paste between the Q-Dir directory views, and other programs such as MS Explorer.

Folder-Type : ZIP-, FTP-,cabinet-,network-, system – folders, shortcuts

Views: Large icons, tiles, list, detail, thumbnail (Vista: extra large symbols) .

Export: to XLS, CSV, TXT, HTML.

Popup Menus: Desktop, My Computer.

Screen magnifier: anything on the screen can be enlarged.

Color Filter: Different colors for different item types (e.g. *.log;*.txt).

Highlight-Filter: Effective way for fast items highlighting.

File-Filter: Allows for quick and easy filtering of the items.

Columns: All columns support, and save function .

Quick-Link’s: For fast folder access.

Folder-Select: Fast & flexible folder selection address-bar/ desktop menu/ my-computer menu/…

Multi-INI: Several INI files for Q-Dir.

Tree-View: Single and quadruple.

Preview: Allows a quick preview.

Portable: from 2.77 is Q-Dir portable.

Printing: from 3.77 List, Details … .

Folder size Column: from 3.83 file and folder size Column.

Settings transfer: from 3.83 Improved transfer for folder and view settings.

Faster edit: from 3.86 Faster edit or rename of the files.

File association: from 3.91 Internal file association rules.


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2 thoughts on “Manage your files and folders with Q-Dir…

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  1. Hi Rick,

    Q-Dir is amazing and one app that is very useful and easy to get accustomed to. It’s one of many that I like to keep on a usb stick and with each upgrade it gets better and better 🙂

    All the best


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