Identify Poisoned Web Sites Before You Open Them

Detecting web sites in your browser that harbor drive-by downloads and phlishing attacks is a feat that is next to impossible to do without some type of active protection. These type of attacks are hidden behind the web links that you click “on”. What may appear to be a legitimate web link, could be a loaded gun.

I have featured articles in the past about the browser add-on called “WOT – Web of Trust” that provides a layer of protection in your web browser that alerts you about sites that may not be credible. I am an advocate of WOT, or any software for that matter that will protect the end user (which is you and me).

image Recently I have been experimenting with another browser add-on (for Firefox and Internet Explorer) called AVG LinkScanner. I have been using AVG LinkScanner, in conjunction with WOT, to further enhance my browsing experience and to provide an additional layer of protection from poisoned web sites.


AVG LinkScanner works in real-time by identifying active threats in the moments beforehand (before you arrive at the web site). It does not rely on “blacklists” of sites that have been identified and databased as poisoned sites.

Search-Shield scans search results and places a safety rating next to each link, so you know where it’s safe to click.

Active Surf-Shield scans the page behind any link you click on or any web address you type into your browser. If the page is poisoned, it stops you from opening it. (This happens so quickly that you don’t even notice it.)


AVG LinkScanner Features:

AVG LinkScanner® is the most effective protection against poisoned web pages.

It’s the only product that scans every web page just before you get there in real time, so it can identify short-lived threats.

Scans the pages behind all the links you click or type into your browser.

Scans the results of web searches in Google, Yahoo! and MSN so you know whether a page is safe before clicking on it.

Uses the intelligence gathered by a global community of online threat detectors.

Analyzes individual pages rather than entire sites because single pages may be threatened.

It doesn’t rely solely on a blacklist of bad sites that can quickly go out of date.

It can’t be identified by poisoned web sites, so they can’t take evasive action.

It doesn’t rely on opinion – it looks at what’s really on the web page.

Compatible with current products from other major security brands, so you can continue to use your existing software with AVG LinkScanner®.

Runs silently in the background – you won’t notice it until a threat is detected.

Minimal use of system resources – it won’t slow down your computer.

Easy to install and run.

Protects you immediately without need of a system scan.

Automatically updates whenever a new threat is found.

It’s quick and easy to install.

It works unobtrusively in the background and doesn’t slow your PC down.

It works smoothly alongside other major brands of security software.

AVG Search Shield now supports search engines other than just Google, MSN and Yahoo! Only dangerous, suspicious, or unknown links will be ranked; all unmarked links have been checked and found to be safe.

It’s completely free.

Works with most popular Windows OS including Win2k, XP, Vista (32 & 64 bit) and Internet Explorer (6.0+) and Firefox (2.0+) browsers.


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  1. G,

    I agree about the “nakedness” of not having WOT installed on a PC. LinkScanner, is another layer of clothing that can be used with WOT. I’ve been testing it and I like it…



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