Side-by-Side Search Engine Results With Panabee

I want to share with you today an unique search engine, called “Panabee”, that is a specifically designed search portal for bloggers, journalists, shoppers, marketers, and other users who often search and compare multiple web sites.  Panabee is currently in beta, is FREE to use, and requires no installation.


A unique aspect of  Panabee is that users can search favorite sites without repeating queries or opening new windows.  When querying Panabee to get a search result, Panabee provides the results in a “side-by-side” view that can be compared within the same window.

To give you an example.  I performed a search with Panabee for a Stylus 1010 camera.  By default, Panabee went to work and provided the search results from Google and from Bing – “side-by-side”  – within the same window (and browser tab).  If you have a large monitor; using Panabee will enhance your search experience dramatically.

Click on the screenshot below to get a “real-time”
example of how Panabee works.


The “cool factor” to Panabee is that you are not limited to just a few search engines AND at any time you can toggle between the side-by-side view to full window view at the click of a button.

To change to a different type of search engine and to view a category listing of available search engines, simply click on the “Sites” button at the top of the Panabee search panel (see below).


To toggle from side-by-side view to full window size, click on the “Display” button at the top of the Panabee search panel. (see below).


So far here are some of the reasons I like Panabee and why I think this little panda bear with wings will be a winner:

  • Panabee is a faster way to search and compare sites
  • See results from Google, Bing, Twitter, Amazon, Wikipedia, and others with one click
  • View sites side-by-side
  • You can add Panabee to your browser’s search engine listing and make it your default search engine

Developer’s Description:

With Panabee, users can search favorite sites without repeating queries or opening new windows. The side-by-side view offers faster searches because results from the underlying sites (e.g., eBay, Amazon, Google, Bing, Twitter) can be compared within the same window.

This link compares Amazon and eBay:

This link compares Bing and Google Caffeine:

Assume you’re shopping for a digital camera, and you want to compare Amazon and eBay. With Panabee, you can see their search results side-by-side. If the original results aren’t helpful, you can search Google and other sites with a single click.  The same idea applies to other areas where you tend to search multiple sites (e.g., coupons, recipes, videos, images).

Panabee offers more reliable searches because you’re viewing the underlying sites in real-time whereas traditional comparison sites often suffer from outdated results or slow indexing.

Panabee excels at general searches since you can see results from Bing, Yahoo!, Google, Ask, Wolfram, and other search engines side-by-side.


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3 thoughts on “Side-by-Side Search Engine Results With Panabee

Add yours

  1. Rick,
    This is very intriguing and I am going to give it a ‘test drive’ right away. Once again, you’ve “scooped” me!

    What’s On My – my Lewis and Clark of the Internet.


  2. TechPaul,

    You are Lewis and I’m Clark; OR, is it I’m Lewis and you are Clark?

    Panabee developers actually contacted me about doing an article on this to put it out there… They may even be contacting you and others.

    As always, thank you for your support!



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