Keeping a pulse on the weather conditons…

Recently, one of my favorite weather monitoring applications (Weather Watcher Live) went from freeware to shareware. As indicated, I said “one of my favorites”.

imageAnother favorite weather application of mine, that is FREE, is very good, is “ad free”, and has been in the loop for some time is “Weather Pulse”. I did not realize how much I missed this weather app until I started using it again.

Weather Pulse is an integrated weather monitoring utility that displays detailed weather conditions, in an attractive interface, for whatever location(s) you desire. With Weather Pulse you can get current conditions, 5 Day Forecasts, Hourly Forecasts, numerous radar image options, and tone alerts. You can even set your wallpaper background to a weather radar image that will periodically update so that you know what the weather conditions are at any given time.


Weather Pulse also provides an interactive tray icon and desktop desklet that displays the current temperature. You can double click on either and the Weather Pulse application window will display.

Tray Iconimage



If you want the weather at your fingertips, without ads, and is FREE (with no catches), then give Weather Pulse a try!


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