Create Polaroids From Your Digital Photographs

Remember the Polaroids with the self-developing film and the white borders?  The Polaroid camera I was familiar with required “pack film,” where you pulled the film out of the camera.  You watched as your photograph developed on the spot. Talk about nostalgia, there was something about how the finished product looked like with those cameras that sticks in your mind.

image If you have a desire to relive the look of the old Polaroids, you can by using the online (cloud app) called “ROLLIP”.


ROLLIP will walk you through the process of choosing the right effect (e.g. small poloaroid, soft effect), adding a decoration, adding text, uploading your photo and finally the transformation process.  At the end of the process you have an option of using a web link to view your Poloaroid, sharing via email and the social sites, or by simply downloading the photo to your PC (which will be in a .jpg format).



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6 thoughts on “Create Polaroids From Your Digital Photographs

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  1. Seriously, “film”??? Ok, I love film cameras and am a little irritated they are dieing out and I’m left with an expensive camera that I no longer use ….

    Cool app though. What are the resource drains on the PC for this thing? Does it suck up RAM like crazy?


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