Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#28)

I encourage the visitor’s to What’s On My PC… to look over the listing reflected below (called “Geek Squeaks” ). These articles are randomly selected from the What’s On My PC… community blogroll (located at the right side of the blog) and compiled weekly for your reading pleasure. I encourage you to visit and support each of these sites. There is no ranking or order in the selection of articles.  If you were to ask me what my favorite is? “They All Are…”


Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Follow the 3 Magic Steps to Internet Security
Stop – Think – Click

thePC Security
BFK, The Best Free Keylogger Program

Opera 10 Portable
Brings Speedy Browsing to Your Thumb Drive – convenient online dictionary

Tech-for Everyone
Uninstalled Program Still Appears

Sending a SMS Text Message to a Cell Phone From Your Email

Free PC Security
Infected PC Won’t Boot?

AKS-Feel The Change
Free Portable Antivirus Scanner

Carol’s Vault
Quick Media Video Converter – a free all in one convertor
How to Remove SoftSafeness

Teck~Line Lounge
Find out the Latest News around the Net with LazyFeed

A Warning to all who use Google Groups

Right On Technology
Justice Department to Review Microsoft Yahoo Deal

Windows Updates Downloader

Carputers News and Computer Tips
Back to School 2009

TTC Shelbyville
Run Commands for Windows Vista and Windows 7

Piyada’s World
Block porn site & unwanted ads with Clear Web System

Password Protect Any File, Application Or Software In Windows

Why Use a Virtual Keyboard for Net Banking?

What’s On My PC
Launch Pad – Over 240 Tech Blogs in One Place


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9 thoughts on “Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#28)

Add yours

  1. Hey Rick,
    I get more wary of the big G as days go by.
    I will probably update this my post with more rants.

    Btw, I got this message before my pc restarted:
    ‘Requested Operation Unsuccessful’
    I didn’t request anything so what the hell do you think that means!?
    It was the 3rd restart before my pc went normal. Weird.

    More power to WOMP!
    I tried to comment on your post but the form was missing!?


  2. Pochp,

    Your comment was in fact posted with no problem seen here…

    That problem you experienced, was the error message: lsass.exe operation failed operation was unsuccessful

    Always write down those error messages exactly as they appear. Often, after writing down the error message, you can “Google” the error to get clues to what is occurring. You may have some registry corruption going on OR possible malware… Just monitor your reboots to see if it corrected itself.



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