The New Cloud Version of SuperAntiSpyware

Bill Mullin’s Weblog – Tech Thoughts does it again by bringing to us important information about the NEW (and FREE) online version of SuperAntiSpyware. I found this to be important enough that I was compelled to shout about it here on the blog.

First, you need to visit Bill’s Weblog – Tech Thoughts to get the fine details on this NEW cloud driven app.


Second, you really need to try SuperAntiSpyware Online Safe Scan. It is very easy to download and run a scan on your PC.  The definition updates are automatically updated daily so you do not need to do anything other than download and run.

The scanner does NOT install anything on your Start Menu or Program Files and does NOT need to be uninstalled.

This is another excellent layer of protection to compliment the security software that you should have already installed on your PC.  Make SuperAntiSpyware Online Safe Scan part of your normal maintenance routine. Thanks to Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts for bringing this important security application to our attention!



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3 thoughts on “The New Cloud Version of SuperAntiSpyware

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  1. Ehm, what is cloud/online about it? 🙂 Straight generic portable version. Still very nice to have, as you remember I complained under past review of yours that they lacked such option.


  2. @Bill Mullins

    Disable your network connection and notice that it still works. By definition this is local application.

    “Online” is purely marketing speak here. It is usual self-extracting archive that unpacks to temporary folder and works from there. Only thing it actually needs network for are updates.


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