A Program Launcher that is Mouse Activated

I have always had an attraction for menu launchers and can’t wait to try a new one out. A new one to me, called MouseExtender, is very unique in that the menu (which you customize and create) is launched via your middle mouse button. When you click on the middle mouse button, your menu will appear wherever the mouse pointer is located.  How convenient is that?

It appears that MouseExtender is in the early development stages; however, do not let that distract you from trying or using it.  This puppy is attractive in appearance, has Windows 7 effects AND has Windows Shutdown, Restart and Control Panel buttons already configured. Adding a File, Folder, or Program is as easy as right clicking on the menu panel and making a selection.


I plan to monitor this app very closely. I would love to see the developer further engineer MouseExtender to include menu categories, web links, and the ability to move the icons around on the menu panel. Otherwise, very impressive and unique program launcher.



Instant access your programs and folders in a second!

Access to Control panel and restart/shutdown buttons!

Nice Windows 7™ like effect!

Disable ME in specific programs

Run ME when Windows® starts

Access to the source-code

New features

Adding currently running programs to ME shortcuts and exception lists

Simple item customization: tooltips are now editable

User can remove “close” x-button

ME can be disabled/enabled for all programs

User can show ME from tray icon menu

ME can be pinned to screen

Shadow added to window


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19 thoughts on “A Program Launcher that is Mouse Activated

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  1. While I am sure this is a very cool product, I am not personally impressed. Why are we so dependent on our mouses, mice, or whatever they are in plural form. 🙂 Many people have a difficult time reading their computer screens for one reason or another. While I think it is fine to develop graphical user interfaces and shortcut mouse buttons, I think we are doing ourselves a disservice if we don’t program in (and learn to use) keyboard shortcuts. Using the keyboard is actually faster than using a mouse IF you know how to use it properly.


    1. Nikki,

      Keep in mind that MouseExtender is in the early development stages. I like keyboard shortcuts as well; HOWEVER, if I can keep one hand on the mouse and get the job done it becomes a matter of convenience and productivity. Most computer users I have worked with lack keyboarding skills and never use keyboard shortcuts and often do not even know about them until I’ve shown them a few and they still go back to the mouse.

      Thanks for sharing your comments!



  2. After trying them all, I find that programs like Executor and Find And Run Robot are the best and fastest way to launch URLs, programs, files and folders.

    Press a hotkey like Alt+Space, type the first 1 or 2 letters of the item you want to launch and hit Enter.


  3. I Think this is one of the best shortcut Programs there is
    I hate my desktop with icon all over then if you need on you have to minimize all windows [windowkey D] then click on the icon here just two click of the mouse
    the program is improving all the time and you can even download the code to custom it[If you know how]
    I have been check for a update everyday.
    Hot key are nice sometime but when you have a program that has hotkeys and then windows that has hotkeys you will need a print-out of the all and they can overlap


    1. Jacob,

      Thank you for your review/comment on this program. Everyday I am visiting the author’s site to await updates. I recently was in contact with the developer and I received the impression that this launcher will be developed further. I definitely am a fan of MouseExender…




  4. interface is nice but not cleare. icons have no caption and require elucidation.
    I use se-traymenu. it’s not so nice but very handy and includes functionality of shortcut manager software


    1. Matt,

      I have never experienced that problem. I know MouseExtender, in its’ current state, is a zip file (no install routine) where you extract it to a folder and run it from there. Are you familiar with zip files, etc… May simply be that you are unzipping it and running it…



    2. Matt
      where are you extracting the file
      if you download it and click open ten extrat it it is put in your cache for for internet
      and might be delete depending on internet setting

      when downloading it click save then select the location to save it at, then open the zip extract it and select a folder to be saved in

      MouseExtender has a file the is created in the same folder as the exe that save all the setting and items in it

      so when you are downloading it and click open it will download it to your cache folder then when extract it it will by default slect the same folder as the zip file, therefor if your cache is delete you lose the setting file


  5. ramblinrick,

    What you described is exactly what I’m doing. I extract the contents and run it. No real ‘install’ routine. The real bummer is that there’s no setup file that remembers my settings.
    What am I doing wrong?


    1. Matt,

      I’ll try to explain and may be useful for you to google “how to extract a zip file”… Are you using any software to unzip the file (e.g. Winzip, 7zip, Peazip, etc…). Basically a zip file is a file with files inside it. You have to extract those files from the zip file to a folder. Once the files are extracted to a folder you should see the MouseExtender files. The file that launches the program you could make a shortcut to your desktop if you wanted. It is important that the files are extracted to a folder.



    1. Jacob,

      Thank you for keeping us up to date. I have been closely following MouseExtender. I actually (already) had downloaded and currently testing the beta.

      Again, very much appreciated. Wonder if the ability to change the icons is going to be implemented per the code you submitted. That would be a great plus.



      1. I asked about my code and jay_minsk wote

        “About you patch: Alex currently integrate this changes into program, this functionality will be included into stable release, which planed into next weekend. Thank you for interest to our project)” on 10/30/2009

        I can’t wait for this update


      2. They have just implemented the ablitity to change icons and send items to another tab.

        also add the ablitity change the trigger to


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