You have to try out Stickies v7 beta…

Stickies (v6.7) is a FREE electronic version of “sticky notes” that you often see posted on people’s desk, computer monitors, refrigerators, etc…  I have been using Stickies on my PC (and thumb drive) to replace the accumulated paper mess that “sticky notes can lead to. Stickies is one of those programs that I personally cannot live without.  It is FREE; It is GOOD; and It is PORTABLE.

The author of Stickies, Tom Revell (Zhorn Software), recently made an announcement, via the Stickies web site forum, that a new beta version of Stickies is available for public testing (Stickies v7 beta).  Final release of Stickies v7 is expected on or around October 16th. Mr. Revell, we at What’s On My PC… applaud your work.

Folks, I have been testing the beta and it is awesome (see new features below).  Beats the Windows 7 Sticky Notes hands down.



Image stickies

Unicode titles

“Show System windows” checkbox in Attach dialog

Attached stickies can be set to only appear if the window is visible (not minimised)

“Snap back to transparent” option

Sticky ID added to properties

32 new API commands

New sticky from clipboard

Sleep until / Tomorrow added to Sleep menu

PDA keys can now be entered in Stickies

Text background highlighting

stickies.1wk now written after one week of continuous operation

Live preview of setting transparency

Control-F now searches text within a sticky

Stickies can be moved directly from any category to any other in the Manage dialog

Backup function

Drop shadow option

Font name MRU list

F2 edits the sticky title

Sticky colour can be set in the Manage dialog

Sticky colour is now shown in the Manage dialog

New sticky “force title on create” option

Individual Desktop stickies can be hidden/revealed in the Manage dialog

RTL (right-to-left) default option for new stickies, and left shft+control / right shift+control to set paragraphs

Recovery dialog for when Stickies detects an error with the data file

“Ghost” mode for Desktop stickies can be set from the Manage dialog so they’re not clickable

Different Stickies can have different skins (alt-s to choose, shift-alt-s to return to default)

“Locked stickies are also frozen in place” option

“Rolled stickies have an alternate position” option. Hold shift as you toggle rolled to reset

Two new global shortcuts, “new sticky from clipboard” and “show manage dialog”

New sizing method – hold alt and click near the edge of a text sticky to resize it

A sync of Friends can now be set to happen every X minutes


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