How to backup and filter files using your Gmail account…

The blog “AKS-Feel The Change” recently featured an article [ Link ] about a really neat utility called “Backup To Email”. This utility enables you to backup files to just about any email account, including Gmail. To point out here, Backup To Email is not a full featured backup program designed to backup your whole computer. It is designed to supplement the backup routines that you should already have in place.


I use Backup To Email, to backup and store project files that I am currently working on or other files that are important to me. For example, while drafting this article, I sent a backup copy to my Gmail account using Backup To Email. This is added insurance that if disaster strikes (computer crashes), my project files are backed up off site. If I think the file(s) I am backing up are sensitive in nature, I will often encrypt the file prior to uploading it to my Gmail account. The program I use for encryption purposes is, Drag’n’Crypt Ultra.

Nearly everyone these days has a Gmail account with approximately 7 GB’s of space. If you want to maximize the usage of that space, here is a neat way to use the Backup to Email program with your Gmail account to filter out (separate) the backup files from your regular email. The reason I lean toward using Gmail is that I can open the majority of my backup files right inside my Gmail (using Google Docs). Utlimately, If you are going to backup a lot of files, you could also setup a separate Gmail account to strictly store files.

To make this all happen, you must have Backup To Email installed and configured to recognize your Gmail account. This may look more difficult than it is, but it really easy to do and in the end your backup files are automatically separated from your regular email that you receive in your inbox.

  • Log into your Gmail account and click on Settings at the top right corner.
  • Click on Labels
  • At the bottom, type in the word “Files” where it says Create a new label
  • Click on Create (the Files label should show up)
  • Next, Click on Filters (at the top)
  • Click on Create a new filter
  • In the From box, type Me
  • In the Subject box type BackupToEmail (all one word)
  • Click on Next Step
  • Put a Check Mark next to Skip the Inbox
  • Put a Check Mark next to Apply the Label and select Files from the drop down box
  • Click on Create Filter and you are done.
  • Test to see if the filter is working by backing up a file using Backup To Email.  If it is not working properly, recheck the filter settings.


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