Learn about Google Wave

The primary reason I write a blog is to inform the everyday computer user.  Just today I had an “everyday computer user” ask me, “What is Google Wave?”.  Well, I was like, uh, hmmmm!, let me get back to you…  I needed to do my homework on Google Wave.

To the everyday computer user, they are hearing about Google Wave via the news media and that Google Wave is currently in a limited preview via an invite. You can request an invite to Google Wave from [ here ].  At the present, it is my understanding that 100,000 invites were sent out and the people who received those invites can invite another (8)-eight people.


Ok, what is Google Wave all about?

Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

You can visit the official Google Wave site [ here ] .

To the everyday computer user, the description I provided probably did not help matters any.  Ok, let’s try some YouTube videos.  The first video is the Google Wave Developer Preview.  If it seems too in-depth, definitely watch the second video.  The person who created the second video put it all together for us in very simplistic terms (and pictures) that even I could understand.  Enjoy!




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13 thoughts on “Learn about Google Wave

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    1. Technogran,

      Good point… Out of that 100,000 invites one has to wonder how many of those people really did know what to do with the invite.

      By the way, great blog you have going there.



  1. Many are complaining that it’s too noisy but surely that would depend on just who you invite, or do you have access to every Wave out there?
    As I have not received an invite I haven’t been able to see just what they mean by ‘too noisy’


    1. Technogran,

      Probably “noisy” in the sense that is a multi-tasking application. Many people can’t handle doing more than one thing.

      Am I correct in saying that you just started your blog? Are you interested in a link exchange? I really like what you have posted thus far.



    1. Tecnogran,

      You would add “What’s On My PC…” (https://whatsonmypc.wordpress.com) to your “blogroll”.

      For example you had added “Blog Posts from Oshyn” to your blogroll already. The blogroll is a list of your favorite blogs and helps drive traffic (visits) to each others sites. The blogroll utility is under “widgets” in WordPress.

      I have added you the What’s On My PC… blogroll



  2. Hello Rick Great post by the way!!!

    Google wave would be a great way for us tech blogger’s to collaborate with one another if our invites ever come. 😉


    1. Technogran,

      Thank you for adding my blog to your blogroll… As words of encouragement to you, “keep up the great work on Technogran”. You have a good thing going there and will surely catch on.



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