Protect Private Information and Save Energy with this FREE Utility

In today’s world; businesses, healthcare providers, government agencies, banks, etc… go to great lengths to install internal safeguards to protect our privacy, our accounts and our personal information. What they sometimes neglect to take into account  is one of the most very basic “visual” aspects of data protection that is right in front of our noses; AND, that is the computer monitor.  Next time you walk into your bank, business, or healthcare provider I will guarantee that if you look around you will see personal data displayed everywhere; often within eyeshot range. Repositioning the monitor from public view or installing monitor privacy filters often resolves this problem; however, this may not be possible in all circumstances.  Another solution involves the use of specialized software that will blank the monitor screen for you.

If you are looking for a FREE utility to easily blank the screen on your monitor to prevent eavesdroppers from snooping, and will actually save you money, then you may want to take a look at Monitor Off Utility.

Now you can tell your monitor to immediately go into energy saving mode with the click of a button. Monitor Off Utility is a free program that allows you to take control of your monitors built-in energy saving features. You can setup your own custom keyboard shortcuts or setup a shortcut on your desktop or system tray. The utility supports multiple monitors and is very flexible. It even allows you to use a command line interface if you want to incorporate the utility into your own scripts.




Stand-Alone Version:
You can download a stand-alone version of the program that you can run off your USB flash drive without installing it.

Adjustable Delay:
Adjust the number of seconds the program waits before shutting off the monitors after the user initiates a monitor power off. During this delay period the operation may be cancelled.

Screen Saver Activation:
This program will also allow you to activate your screen saver at will.

Lock Workstation:
If you would like, the program can automatically lock your workstation before turning off the monitor(s).

You can configure a custom HotKey to turn off your monitor(s) or to start your screensaver.

Tray Access:
You can quickly turn off your monitor(s) from the system tray.
Tray Icon

Online Update:
Keep Monitor Off Utility up to date with the click of a button.


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