Microsoft Patch Tuesday – Biggest Ever

To educate and inform the readers of the blog, in case you did not know; Microsoft, on the second Tuesday of each month releases updates (patches) to enhance the security of your computer, or improve your computer’s performance. If you have your computer configured to receive automatic updates, these patches will be automatically downloaded and installed on your PC.


Updates are additions to software that can prevent or fix problems, enhance the security of the computer, or improve the computer’s performance. We strongly recommend that you turn on Windows automatic updating so that Windows can install security and other important or recommended updates for your computer as they become available.

This upcoming Tuesday, October 13th, Microsoft will be unleashing a record number of updates that will address a broad range of issues affecting a variety of Microsoft products. What is important about this grouping of updates is that (8)-eight of the updates are ranked as critical (very important that you have them installed). Keep in mind you will only receive the updates necessary for the Microsoft products that you have installed on your PC.

To learn more, I encourage you to review the web clip below and visit The Register to learn more.


A “What’s On My PC…” Web Clip!

Zero-day fixes star in biggest ever Patch Tuesday


13 updates (8 critical) in record haul

By John LeydenGet more from this author

Posted in Security, 9th October 2009 09:00 GMT

Microsoft is preparing its biggest ever Patch Tuesday…

The bumper batch of 13 bulletins collectively address 34 security flaws across a wide spectrum of Microsoft products. Eight of the baker’s dozen bulletins earn the dread classification of critical, Microsoft’s highest severity rating.

The 13 bulletins compare with the previous high-water mark of 12, reached by Microsoft in February 2007 and equalled in October 2008.

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft Patch Tuesday – Biggest Ever

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    1. Pochp,

      If you have your PC set to automatically “download and install” updates, each month (or occasion) that Microsoft releases updates, the updates will install. If you are concerned about receiving the updates, you can set your PC to “download and choose” what updates to install. As “Freewareelite” has indicated you can even turn the updates “off” altogether. I recommend to the everyday computer user to have their PC’s set to “download and install” unless you know what you are doing. I know there have been isolated incidents of bad update files. Personally, I believe you are more at risk of problems by not installing the updates; than, the an update file causing an issue. Hope that helps!



  1. I don’t have these updates available yet. Dunno why.
    But i am looking forward to install them since i have seen some instabilities on my system from some updates i did before.


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