A Portable Calculator for your Flash Drive…

I love portable apps and Day Maxi Calc is no exception. Day Maxi Calc is a calculator that is designed to be portable (small in file size), but big in appearance.  This calculator is a godsend for people like myself (middle aged), where the eyesight is the first to go. The interface is supersized (big buttons & wide display) so that you can easily perform your calculations, even from a distance.

The calculator is laid out with the basic button functions being conveniently accessible, incorporates all of your most common calculating functions, and the results are viewable just like the classic roll of paper on a real desktop calculator. There is even an option available to print or save your results. Numbers can be inputted from the keyboard.

Day Maxi Calc can be downloaded from [ here ] .  The author’s website for Day Maxi Calc is [ here ] .



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